iv been alone for to long.good bye people
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Your story is so sad and something I can relate to also.All I seek from EP is friendship and I have made many wonderful friendships here,this is a wonderful site for making friends however it is not a dating site.<br />
I honestly hope you find that what you seek,you sound a decent man and I am sure there is a woman out there for you,best wishes my friend,peace.

i knw myself better than u think.im around people all the time an still get the same treatment all this world is about is looks an money.do u wnt to knw y i think like this?i will add to my story at the top of my page.

i used to go to the gym at times.Never met any one but it was good to feel just being around people.You could try joining activity groups that way you not only have company but are able to share similar things you like.<br />
<br />
All the best

this may sound too simplified but try spending time with yourself, I have known alot of people who were lonely as well but once they found out that being alone isnt really alone you have an interesting person insaide you who you may not really know as well as you think?? and once you are at peace with your ownself, surprisingly others will notice a positive chage in you, and the friends will come along at least the important ones who see something in you that was brought out by you not projecting the aura of lonliness you maybe unknowingly putting out to others>>?

i dnt go on myspace nor facebook anymore cuz there is some1 with a mac pc trying to get in2 my program files.thanx to my antivirus warning me.that y i dnt go on them sites anymore

It's never easy hang in there.