Another Day

I woke up this morning, making sure I had chosen the right shirt, the right tie, the right suit. I did the usual routine, Hair was neat, applied moisturizer, and put on a after shave, to me, I was perfect. Ready for the day and the challenges.

Only to get to work, and it all came back to me, WHY?

Who was I trying to impress? The truth is, I will be coming home today, and nobody will be there to greet me, or be glad to see me.
The strange thing is, it's not about me only. I wish I was there for somebody. I wish someone looked forward to coming home to me. Someone I can adore, someone I can compliment, someone who can share her whole day with.

Thats what I miss, loving someone with all my heart. Being there when they are down, just listening, just sharing, just having someone to love: and not expecting anything in return.

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8 Responses Aug 11, 2010

It is sad that there are so many of us. The interesting thing is that we are successful attractive guys. And I though there were more women than men? I hope that your loneliness doesn’t continue. It has been about ten years for me. I can’t think of any thing worst than growing old alone. I sit in my many mansion and wonder why did I build this thing. Sometimes, I think we set the bar too high. I think back on some of the ladies that I have dated that I turned away. The ones that always wanted to eat that were double my weight, the ones that wanted to get high, and the ones that I always felt I needed to clean their house when I got there because there was no where to walk in. I told myself then that I would be better off coming home to a place at peace than to hate to come home. But now I look back, I think that may be I was wrong. I may have hated my life but I would not be in it alone. Don’t allow yourself to grow old alone. May God be with you?

When im depressed i listen to some songs n last night it was like living a similar night i had long ago that i listened to a song and after i talked with someone-we don talk anymore.he always stayed talkin to me till morning...maybe im not sure if i miss him but i miss the feeling i had when we talked n now its more lonely again...i cant talk bout it but i think bout it..i confuse my feelings a lot but i miss knowing someone is there for me n i ll b there for him too..

Its insaine how fast life can change. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, anything can happen.

Same here... I'm just going to go home, run a bit, check the usual sites and get ready for the next day. Oh the insanity of it all! When does it end???

Thank you to everyone that has commented. It really means something to me. You all have agreat day, or try!

I used to have someone to go home to. It's so funny to be alone now. I'm not even sure what's I'm doing this all for anymore. I miss having someone who wants to talk to me, who wants me around. I miss the simple, reciprocal enjoyment of being around each other.

I feel the same. When I go out, I know I'll be coming back alone. It's long past pretending .. lying .. to myself that I'll meet someone, that I won't, at the least, be coming home emotionally alone again. Because I always come home alone. And it all feels so very, very pointless. Even with work, it was the same. Why was I really going there? Anything good I did, someone else got the credit for it. There was never even a simple 'good job' or 'thank you'. Just constant bullying and put-downs. But yeah. Going out ... getting all nice and clean and chowered, all dressed up, put on a nice cologne ... but nobody ever notices. Nobody wants to be close enough to notice ...<br />
<br />
So I understand. I want too. Someone to love. To share things with. To be there for ....<br />
<br />
Doesn't feel like there ever will be though

There are so many people wanting someone to share their life with.Maybe some day you will .<br />
I know its never easy just never give up.