Its Friday, Why?

I woke up this morning, went through the same routine I do every morning. And left for work.

As i listened to the radio, and hearing all the fantastic things people where planning for the weekend just made me smile. Not a smile of joy or happiness, not a smile of sarcasim. A personal smile. Knowing that this is the worst part of my week. I will be going home this afternoon, and there i will stay for the rest of the weekend, until Monday dawns and my whole routine starts all over again.

Maybe I am silly, but I just imagined for a second: waking up with a loved one, preparing breakfast because you want to, making her coffee cause you can. Going to the shops, I want to hold her hand as we walk through the isles. I want to kiss her on the cheek and tell her how much I love her for being with me.

I want to come home to the white picket fence, hear the kids laughing, playing ball with the kids in the garden. Every now and then look up and see her standing there. My beacon of hope, my reason for loving this day. In her heart, I want her to to think, 'what more can we ever need'.

The reality is, its not going to happen. So with my love under my arm, i retreat to the only place I know I will be safe. My home, and just me for another two days.

To everyone who reads this, if you do have someone in your life, please go home, tell them you love them, spend some time with them, and truly appreciette the fact that you have somebody to share your day and weekend. To those you dont have anyone, in mind and in spirit, I am with you and thinking about you.

My prayer for this group today is, and if I had just one wish, I would wish "that God please allow one of the people on this site, find someone this weekend that can take away the hurt, the aloness, and the fear" I will settle for being alone, as long as one of my friends and people I have never met, find that moment this weekend.


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6 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Wow! I did not get time to read ur experience- wow again. I wish i had read this last Friday, but i'll on it until 4 this coming Friday. It's very beautiful. Thanks 4 praying 4 us- God will mutiply His blessings 4 u

please god let her know that i dont want to be alone anymore, that im still here for her, but not for much longer

Thank you, you are all very kind. have an enlightened day.<br />

Happy to read this.. I am alone most of the time.

I'm feeling ya.......(((hugs)))

u r a good person n im glad we became friends...i wish u to b happy always.hugs