Should I Change Myself??

am engineering student, polite, believe in god, worship him daily, believe that every action has equal and opposite reaction, dedicate my life in the service of human beings, spread unconditional love, i dont know if i am good looking or no but believe in  purity of action without expectation...
Believe in the principle, "Action is my duty, reward in not my concern so i totally dedicate my life for human service...with no expectation ....
So far i have been 3 times in love and the most recent one was online.....all the 3 time girl left me for being boring....
Boring defination :
No smoke, not allowing to enjoy multiple partners, i believe in dedicating whole life only for drugs....simple and clean behaviour and yes honestly no much expense to invest on girl make up and their parlor expenses.....
I was lookin for love but never did i found.... it....


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YOU have to be yourself!

No dont change yourself as long as it is acceptable in the eyes of God. I believe that our Lord God is the one directing our life he gave us the teachings/words to follow..we are just the decision maker.. life is like a flow chart with paths yes or no its up to us if we will choose which we will be in the right path or not..Know your goals and dreams. make a prayer and do something of that goals or dreams to happen have faith in Him and He will direct you there if you belong to that dreams or goal. You will see everything will be put in place perfectly.
we are the same been cheated many times.. i had 3xbfs but all of them are womanizer take note the reason was they want to experience the sacred thing that God given only to married people who has the right to do it.. you know what imean...but i didnt change myself my beliefs and I lose hope despite im about to be old maid...iknow and im sure no one of them is the right man for me...I started praying that time to give me someone who has a good heart and who is God fearing..and God is really good He gave me the perfect man! far more than I expected.. He is inside and out :) just a bonus that he is good looking :)

****I don't lose hope imean

My husband is indeed good inside and out :)

oops I forgot to mention they (my EXs) also said im boring

You should change because you want to. You should not change because you want to please other people. For me, you're not boring at all. Maybe you just haven't found the person who appreciates you as you are. :)

no need to change urself and ppl who left you really don't deserve u.. i got cheated by a one guy two times also forgiven him and gave no. of chances did a lot for him but he is still like m tolerance limit is crossed and m going to leave him forever..

common yara don't need to chnge ur self......u knw what ur amazing as u r.... oh! by reading ur definition of boring......mean i am boring toooo? advice to u live as u are ....dn't need to chng ur self!

Thanks yaar...:)

Don't change. Live by your principles. Those girls, even though you developed feelings for them, were not right for you. You were incompatible with them, and you held different values. <br />
There are plenty of girls out there, who share your values and beliefs. Just be patient and you will find one, probably many, who likes you for who you are.

Thank you every one, After a period of time I have learnt that if i cant enjoy my company no one else would..<br />
<br />
so have learnt to live the way i am

I'll try to clarify some things here. Boring means-not interesting not fun. Well if a girl says that- that means that your personality is boring not habbits. Changing yourself for better is a good thing. If you are unsatisfied with your love situation be smart- read dating advises and stuff like that. Unfortunately I had the same experience. You just need to understand what woman wants. I'll suggest you to read "The Game" by Neil Strauss. I hope it'll help you. <br />
P.S. One woman said:"If he says I want a woman who'll love the way I am, that means he is too lazy to change himself for better."

i discovered that finding love in having a partner is very important yet not vital for our daily life.<br />
to experience being in love even for once in ur life time, even for short period and u were faithful, committed and enjoyed what u thought "or maybe "think"" it was the true love is precious and enough for ur heart ..and who i feel bad for in situation like this are the people who was been loved but just choose to escape it, i think they never knew what is love or they cant know, God help them because they are missing alot.<br />
and for any body got cheated, it is u the winner, u win ur self respect and just a new experience added to ur life u should have got great memories and conclusions out of.<br />
may God give u the woman u dream of and sure she will not get why some people see u r boring!!!!

Yes you are absolutely correct.

Mr dear......don't say the whole world is becoming more and more selfish, however don't worry and be remember ...selfish people deceive himself...and keep into mind that glory, built on selfish principles, is shame and guilt. ........God bless you.................:)

I agreed with the comments of the Lizzy2046......

Thank you so much for appreciating me,<br />
I do believe this world is becoming more and more selfish day by day but i still wonder if god wioll really turn merciless towards human.<br />
I believe in god and his supreme mercy... he will be always good with us...<br />
Of course after all they are parents so how come is it possible parents to get too angry and not forgive

In truth I am according to the words from Christ in John 15:18-20---but those are spiritual words that the natural minds will not understand. 1 Corinthians 2:13-14<br />
<br />
Thanks for your good words because very few come my way, yet I care about all people and only want to share truths that I post daily.

The wisest moves in life are the ones you already possess with God as the front and center with never the teachings of man to distort His truths that you need to know because this worlds society is going to begin crumbling all around this planet as the USA begins to fall and other great nations also. And because you are a man with a heart that cares about others, God is well pleased with you. And the first thing that you must know from a man of God is that it is a lonely life because this whole world has been deceived just as God said it would be in Revelation 12:9....but man believes man rather than God, therefore changes the meaning of His words and becomes the blind leading the blind. Want true education? Ask only God and look only to God and He will supply it. Have needs? Cast all of your cares upon God because He cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7

Wow,<br />
Are you a messenger of god,<br />
But stil i really appreciate your action, i am sure god will help you accomplish your mission of spreading humanity.<br />
God bless

Don't ever change yourself for someone else! If some girl doesn't accept you for who you are, then she doesn't deserve you anyway! Hold out for the one who will love you unconditionally cuz you are exactly as you were intended to be =)

You are very attractive, there are abundant upon abundent girls who would want to be with you just the way you are. maybe you are falling for the wrong girls. when you meet up with girls, learn how you feel react and what triggers you around different kinds of girls. good luck mx

You know making those changes in your life is not what you want or need to do. Drinking does not make things easier just makes them worse.

No. DO NoT CHANGEI believe there is someone for everyone. When you are not looking for someone that is when you will encounter the person who completes you. Get involved. Go do some things you enjoy.....What do you like to do? Do you hike? Do you read? Do you have a special hobby that you enjoy? Find others that enjoy it also, and you may find your special someone among the friends you make. good luck

You should be your self not someone you are not just to please a girl. Women will come and go in your life enjoy them while you can.