None To Relate To

Haven't had a reliable friend in 7 years. Couldn't relate to any other person for 4. I feel like I have to be different from everyone else, but want company. Whenever I try to be like others, I get so bored, its unbearable. I start moving my hands in weird ways to fight the boredom, so people make fun of me, so i dont see the point. I hate it when people ignore me. I haven't been criticized in 5 years on anything, so I have a very weak sense of right from wrong, and I'm not sure if I exist.
cragftw3 cragftw3
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 12, 2010

You can be unique from others but still belong with them. I know its hard to see or think that. I think you should remain true to yourself. If you continue to pretend to be like the rest of them then you'll loose yourself and one day you're not going to remember who you are. YOU EXIST! The fact that you want to be different proves this. Don't give up!

So sad, hope you can make friends with someone. People make fun of others usually cause they don't know or understand them.