It Sucks

i hate coming home to an empty house every night after a hard days work of fake smiling and thank you come agains. the house is so quite it is eerie. knowing no one will call or come by is a terrible feeling. to have human contact i have to go see them. and sometimes it just isn't worth the effort. being lonely can make you think terrible things and act in ways no one else would ever see you. maybe that is good and maybe not. i just feel alone most of the time, even when surrounded by a group of people, even my friends and family. lost in a sea of people and nowhere to go.
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7 Responses Jan 11, 2008

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I don't come home to an empty house. My husband is here. Yet, I feel exactly like you do.

I feel the same way. I hate being alone, But no one else can put up with me. so. lol

Coming home to a dead house completely creeps me out and intensifies my loneliness. I try to distract myself with the television but the silence of it all is still hard to ignore.

I understand where you are coming from and Ihave learned to feel the safest when i am locked safely in my apartment and no one can hurt me and I sleep most of the time amd I count down the minutes until I can go home. I think we need to be strong and venture out and keep on fighting. If you ever want to talk look me up.

yeah, i know the feeling all to well. if you ever need someone to talk to. hit me up, i go through the same things. the key is focusing on the good in life and trying to not pay attention to the ****!

yeah...true that