I Am Sick Of Been Lonely.

Is like life has been all lonely even when i try to keep myself busy. When i was 17years i found her hoped that it's all over, but as we grow a rumour came as i think then; that we related. That we related has today keep me lonely. It's true love then and today even as we are far to each other, we still feel it; but family or what say's no to sex and been together for ever. The question is can i found someone to love as i do to her, both in spirit,mind and soul. Because since then character i see in girls has not give me her. I am still lonely.
Goodwill22 Goodwill22
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 10, 2011

There might be true in love. The thing is that to what extent, and etc.<br />
Maybe it is not just the right time for the right person.

trulysad said it best. Hopefully you will find that special someone.