I Am Sick Of Been Lonely.

Is like life has been all lonely even when i try to keep myself busy. When i was 17years i found her hoped that it's all over, but as we grow a rumour came as i think then; that we related. That we related has today keep me lonely. It's true love then and today even as we are far to each other, we still feel it; but family or what say's no to sex and been together for ever. The question is can i found someone to love as i do to her, both in spirit,mind and soul. Because since then character i see in girls has not give me her. I am still lonely.
Goodwill22 Goodwill22
26-30, M
3 Responses Jan 10, 2011

There might be true in love. The thing is that to what extent, and etc.<br />
Maybe it is not just the right time for the right person.

trulysad said it best. Hopefully you will find that special someone.

it was hard reading your experience but think i understand what your trying to say. You will or can never replace this love of yours, neither will anyother compare but you can look for a new type love. Sometimes the more different a person is the more you want to get to know them and understand them. Do not go through life comparing old love to new as it can only end in loneliness and despare. May you find true happiness in your life friend.