Lonely Missing Mummy.

When i was 3-4years i saw daddy beat mom out. I and my sister(a baby then) and mom, came back from church only to see daddy waiting, immidiately he forced out the door key from mom hand and open the door. I thought we are to enter inside but daddy get a cane and flog mom out of the house and i started crying. This is what i saw then as a child. As i am glowing i found out that i'm with grand-ma i took her as close mom but life was hard, am not happy telling this story but today is better than the past. Grand-ma try her possible best to bring me and my sister up which i will never forget, though i was intelligent doing things. I hawk vegetables and make money for ma when her buisness of peppe start going down and down; then ma opened a table shop for me and there we feed and pay all our lents. Am now happy that no matter what my grand-ma pay up my school fees up to primary 6. Once in a while i see mom.
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:| I know no word of mine has the power to change anything , nor to give you a family, nor to change your past.<br />
I still wish to tell you that I think you're a great person, and that's the greatest achievement in life : who we are. Never let life's adversities to change you, always fight them right. <br />
I am sure you deserve a lot, and life will make sure to repay you for who you are despite everything someday :)<br />

it is hard seeing that.. i too saw that as a child... it sounds like your grand ma is a wonderful woman an i wish you the best in life..

Your Grandma is a great woman.Hopefully everything will keep getting better and you have more happiness in your life.