It Seems All Lonely.

I just meet her last year and i told her my feelings she accept me. On our discussion i find out she is sixteen years old and a virgin. My first desire to her is just to have sex with her but because she said she is a virgin and will keep to it till she married then i said okay. I asked her if she love's me, she said yes with 'i love you, it's a promise'. We go on, many guys toast her and she have there numbers. They sometimes send her credit card. I wound her and she said that she's mindful. One sunday in this january she closed shop and stop at my shop, in our discussion she said that her mummy travel to return tomorrow and she will go house to cook and wash. After an hour i called her number and she keep cutting my calls till it's night; she pick and told me there was a problem that we have to see immidiately. When we meet that night i show annoyed, she hold my arms and say sorry and i asked why to her act; then she start a story i called it. 'That as she went home daddy is not in and she sleep a bit when one of those guy's she refused came in and treat her saying 'she thinks he is not man enough but he will show her, since she choose me'. he went out the compound. A bit time two boys came in asking for her daddy and seat to wait him. They request for water she offers. After that they tie her hands and rape her'. Sad to me but i said okay, if i will love her i will love her not virginity but now it seems that she have choose a life. Do i go on with her if the things she said is true or do i quit if it's lie?
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When i advice her, she said no and even hide everything from her parents.