In A Crowd Of People Kind Of Lonely

I am surrounded, and/or have many people that I could seek company. But all the socializing in the world, going out, talking, emailing, etc. doesn't satisfy the deep lonliness I have.

Maybe it's not lonliness but a need to feel emotionally connected again.

To feel like I'm the sunshine in his day.

Like two birds on a wire, I perch while watching him fly away...
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6 Responses Jan 29, 2011

You have to want a connection and a want to not be lonely to get through this. If you dont want to change then your wasting your time; but if you do want a change, then find a person who you can connect with and after you feel safe, connect to more people. its a hard journey, but if you want it bad enough, you can find your way. <3's:// Vrishabhagirl16

your welcome,well Im on ep almost every night if you need advise,or if you need to tell me anything and I will be happy to help/comment.

Thanks. I don't think I'll ever totally be over it. We'll see. Thanks for sympathy though. It really helps to know others are listening.

i bet your already over it

:( *hug*

awww,This is sorta sad,Im sure he will fly back to the wire and land on it again