No One Wants to Hang Out With Me

When I log into my facebook account, I have 112 different friends. The problem is only a few of them are friends of mine. I know all of them, it's not a case where people I don't know added me. I would love to hang out with a lot of people but no one wants to be my friend. I'm a nice person, I haven't done anything to betray anyone but people call me a loser because I am not pretty. I am twenty-one and never had a boyfriend.
I just want to be a normal twenty-one year old who goes to parties, hangs out with friends and has a boyfriend. No one will let that happen though, no matter how hard I try. I've decided to go back to school, so that is my only remaining hope but that won't be until September. Even my own sister thinks I am a loser because I am ugly.
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I'm sorry you feel that way I feel you pain....God loves u and created you in his image which is perfect....anyway some pretty people are ugly on the inside...

Don't try to make yourself fit in boxes designed by other people. Be comfortable with the way you look, smarten yourself but don't compare yourself to immeasurable standards of beauty. They don't last. Be a happier, healthier you instead of wishing you looked like someone else. Do what you love. Deactivate your facebook account for a while. Hang out with your few friends who love you the way you are. If you do not want to confront people who call you names, just smile when you pass them or put on your ear phones and ignore them. Siblings should be more supportive, but in your case if it is not so, make your own support group. Indulge in a hobby- be it indoors or outdoors. Play online games, do origami, cycle around, learn to cook, enrol yourself in a class be it art or music, be a self-taught geek. Being smart and kind is way cooler than anything else. People's opinion of us are actually not as important as we think they are :)

This is an old post but here I go: There is no such thing as beauty, simply because everyone's idea of what really is beautiful is different. You don't look up beauty in the dictionary and see a pants size or a bra size, right? So if there is no such thing as beauty then there really can't be an ugly. Your only as beautiful as YOU believe. Your sister is obviously is just jealous or insecure. She sees what you have and wants it so badly. Hell, that's a lot of people are like that. Your not ugly or a looser. If you really want more friends, boyfriend, and so on, just smile. Be confident, fun loving, and just a happy person. That is truly the most irresistible qualities in a person, a woman especially. Go get your hair done, paint your nails, put on something cute and just go out. Your young, live it up! No need to worry about your Facebook friends :)

I don`t care if you are pretty or not. I bet you have great personality. Which I`d like to know.

i don't think that is true - you need compliments and kindness so you can get more positive feelings!

You shouldn't let anyone judge you. You see, i was searching online for advice too because I felt lonely but now my eyes have been opened. I don't know if this is still a problem since this was posted long ago, but if you see this please take my advice. Have confidence in yourself and people will be attracted to you. People will wonder why you like yourself and will see your good qualities. <br />
<br />
P.S. If you feel ugly, which i doubt you are, makeovers always help. Get a new haircut., manicure, wardrobe, tan. It makes you feel like a new person!

Beauty comes from the inside....let it shine and someone will see your beauty. excellent, away from sister, a world you will make of your own...where you will shine and they will see your beauty. (p.s. my sister used to tell me I was too fat for anyone to love me, but in reality, she had brains and looks, but I had personality and friends and she was just jealous).

If your sister thinks you're a loser because you're so called 'ugly' then shes not a very good person, the same with everyone else. Why would you want friends like that anyhow? People like that are poison in your life and you should dispose of them. There's good people out there. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, it's what's inside that counts honey.

Never think you're ugly, u should be grateful of yourself no matter what... always think positive.. and just wait for that some1 to come.