Isn't It Shocking?

Flipping through the stories on the website, I come across so many lonely people. It makes me sad, because if it were up to me, none of them would have to be alone ever again. I think all lonely people should unite and start talking or mailing each other. I'm sure the number would decrease steadily.

The reason for my own loneliness? Isolation, I guess. I have recently moved to a place in the middle of nowhere where I don't know anyone but my parents. My life is divided into work, interning, school, house work and sleep. I don't have the time to meet the demands of real life friendships and I have found that texting friendships are not satisfying at all.

And so, I am glad to have found EP. I am very new here still, but it makes me feel less alone because I can help others feel less alone by writing replies to stories and private messages. I could recommend this to all the lonely people here, in this community, but also just to anyone who has some room left in their hearts.

Reaching out to someone here, can really make a difference between another lonely day or a really good one.
Analeigh Analeigh
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I totally agree with you. You sound amazing.

ah, i'm glad someone feels the same!

Very well expressed, sweetie! :)

I am in total agreement!

Makes you wonder where they all came from ;)

No one? Really? :l

I'll stop now.

It was the beatles....

hey hiee ana ssup

yes, that's really awesome. you are a blessing to people and people do really need someone to talk. I have been to isolation as well for find it so easy to just depend on my own and asking help from people is too far away from my personality.

You are so sweet. I agree: lonely people unite! I have the reverse situation from you. I haven't moved in my entire life, but all my friends have moved :( My last close friend who still lived in the city moved today -- I feel very alone now. Nice to meet you Analeigh.

Welcome to EP and great post!

i still feel pretty alone

I am new here too =) your post made me feel less alone

just wish i had someone

Thanks Analeigh, you seem to be a lovely person, both in looks and heart.

You know, just in my opinion, this world doesn't deserve people with an attitude like yours. I've been excluded for my entire life, do you know why. Because I have Photophobia, which is something like fear of light, only that it's more of an aversion to light. You attitude is too pure for people who judge you by your looks. Believe me there are more than enough of them. I hope you will never go through what I've already gone through, you don't deserve to be alone.

@mrjax ofc ppl judge her by her looks. If you think you are hideous you can change that thanks to plastic surgery or work out. I know its rly hard but you may find ppl having the same disorder like you and hang out w/ them. We all here cuz we feel lonely and wanna change it. I can't even imagine what you gone through,but don't push those ppl away who are willing to enliven you... this is what I regret mostly

i make it a point to dedicate @ least an hour of my day to read and to give posotive spin to all on this sight, i lost a great child hood friend to suicide and a loved one to drugs because of bipolar and depression from her childhood caused her to turn to drugs , it makes me feel better that i can try and do something because i feel i failed them when i should have done mor e .. maybe just maybe a simple phone call or a touch would have kept them here so much potential in all of us life is not to be wasted to help as many as we can before we are gone that is our purpose here .... to live each day in everthing we do so we will be missed ... this is very beneficial to me and hope all our prayers be answered

Well, even when surrounded by family and friends, people can lonely too. I'm experiencing this since university's years. Somehow, I feel like I'm isolated within the group because I have different view of life and interest. Sometimes I feel they are just using me for their own purpose.

I feel the same , and its really hard on me . i hope this feeling fades one day !

Loneliness is a completly curable disease thing is to find the right cure.

hugs analeigh! keep reaching out!

well,, i hope you are still here and coaching others,,

If you are looking on the internet that might be why. Lonely people come to the internet so they do not feel like such losers. 90% of the people online are dysfuctional in society or just do not seem to be very popular for one reason or another. This world is the perfect escape. Think about that lonly nerd alone in his room everyday working on projects that no one payed attention too. In the past what would they have done just gone through school without freinds hating life till he is one day rich now give him a site to potray all his thoughts and feelings. So all the lonely people come here to be lonely together even if we have no way of giving each other a hug or a pat on the back saying "Good job buddy". =D thank you creators of the internet.

Haha good point there. Who doesn't like a good escape anyway? This is the first time that I wrote any comment on this site and it is better, I guess, to somewhat know that there are others who feel that same way and you can talk to them a little. Im more of the " lonely without being alone" person and have friends to hang with but not necessary close friends. So that is another scenario you can add to the lonely book lolz.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
Elanor Rigby - The Beatles

I live in an isolate place also. It is hard to meet someone, just for friendship. Even to find someone like you that can feel for others without knowing them. You dont know how special that is. I am lonely also I would love to be your friend.

wow you are so right my dear

Ironic, were I to really live in a small town I know exactly how to meet people. Least I used to when I was young. Just drive under a bridge where you commonly see guys fishing at and start a camp fire, but then again that is a guy thing. This day and age of the internet, that and it is illegal to start a campfire around these parts these days. City grew up, everyone is a stranger now.

I agree. I invite everyone to message me but they only very rarely take me up on it. Maybe it's because I'm a guy and that puts them off? I don't know but when someone says they want someone to talk to, it depresses me when they don't take up the offer to do just that. I hope it's because they're busy interacting with people in their life like friends, family, etc. But I know that usually isn't the case. It makes me sad because they say they want to talk to someone but they don't. They won't even take a small chance of talking to someone and they stay lonely and bored. I do wish I could help more people here. I guess I do the best I can and that's all I can do, but I just wish I could do more.<br />
<br />
You can message me too, by the way. That goes for everyone here.

You can probably join facebook.

I can relate! I have found that I keep people at a distance for several reasons. Even though yes, I am busy with work, school, hobbies, and have recently moved 3000 miles from home... I would likely still be keeping people and relationships at bay.<br />
<br />
I've identified that my father was such an embarrassing alcoholic, leaving such a mark on me. Ever since childhood, I never wished for anyone to come home, meet my dad, or get to know me... then they would know the awful secret I hide. As a kid, I was also so sensitive of ANY negative remarks made at me, that I could beat myself up worse than anyone else could ever dream of! I internalized everything ;(<br />
<br />
Well, at least I know what I've got to work on I guess. Sincere good luck allowing others to like you, as I'm sure people want to get to know you more than you realize ;)

In person contact is useful for short distances but if the contact is far away you should sign yourself up on a facebook account.

I know exactly what you mean. I also have been forced to live a mostly isolated lifestyle (very long story). It's seemingly impossible for me to get out and meet people living in my area. I had to move back in with my father, I attend college courses via internet, most of the people I talk to I've never even met, I've been out of work for close to 3 years, and I have some severe dental problems. The only friend I had left in this area is moving away with her boyfriend. I know people say that the things I've listed aren't all that important, but experience has proven otherwise.<br />
<br />
It's gotten to the point where coming onto EP is almost like an addiction because it's the only place where I can actually socialize, be who I am, and not be judged because of where I'm at in life, because of my financial situation, or my looks. It's a great place for the lonely to come and at least be able to communicate with others, but sometimes I just want to hear a real voice instead of reading words, feel a handshake or do a "bro" chest bump instead of a smiley face, or have a lover run her hands across my cheek. <br />
<br />
That said, I honestly don't think I would have gotten through my troubles 2 years ago if it weren't for the EP community and I will always cherish those I've come to think of as friends, even if they aren't on my "list". I just wish this could happen in real life.

Join facebook.

Look... I realize that at your age, Facebook is probably a huge part of your socializing network, but it is NOT a place to meet people with common interests or get sound advice with problems. I have a FB account for the sole purpose of keeping in contact with distant family, but that's all I dare use it for. Frequent FB users are amongst the most judgmental internet users I've ever had the displeasure of knowing (my family members included). Plus, it's more "hey, play these games" or "hey, I don't know you and will never talk to you, but join the other 10,000 people on my friend list!" I don't really care for the way it is setup nor it's extremely invasive nature, so I rarely use it. Hopefully, once your older and have some life experience, you'll realize that Facebook is a sham and not the center of the universe.

Well said you have really worded this in line with what we all feel, its sad to think all the nice people are the lonely ones isn't it.

I's really rueful...and very ironic considering other people who use, kill, abandon and back-stab others are the ones enjoying the highlights of their lives while the rest who are alone with no one rot and decay. But I'll definitely try be the person to lift people's spirits and show them that they aren't alone that in this wide multi-verse we call the internet. I'm not sure how much of an impact or help online comfort can give but it's the best I can offer to those in need.

Facebook is a great option for this.

I'm new here as of 5 mins ago so I've not had time to read through everyones comments. This was the first message I was drwan to so sorry If I've not followed the correct procedure of introduction. I've sampled loneliness for too long now and I feel for anyone young or old, who's life has changed to the point where they seem to have lost the connections they once had. I could probably write a book on my own experiences but I won't hog this thread. Meanwhile, Hello to everyone out there :-)

Facebook is a great option. :)

Or Farcebook as I refer to it as. :-)

it's almost hard to believe there are this many lonely people, almost like your the only one

sometimes circumstances like changing jobs.. family moving etc etc ..<br />
being lonely is one of the worst feelings for anyone to feel..

Dear girl, you have hit the nail on the head so perfectly. I know the busy thing, and at the end of a day I often look back, give thanks that I was able to accomplish so much, and then realise that there is still a big hole in life- having that special one to share it with! Don't worry yourself into a frenzy, though. Being the compassionate, caring young woman that you are, you have a whole lifetime of giving hope and happiness to others ahead of you. I could say a lot more, and if it's OK with you I will in a message.

Sounds like you have your plate full of responsibilties, yet it also sounds you doing all of the right things to get yourself prepared for the future... Perhaps it would be rewarding to schedual in a little time for self :) Which reminds me that I also need to do the same soon, thanks for the reminder!<br />
Hope you have a beautiful day!

do u think connection between lonely can make a real difference

All the lonely people - where do they all come from?<br />
<br />
Wish I could help - but I keep people at arms length - even though I'm lonely myself - I always find a reason not to be too close (I'm somewhat critical - can't help it - know I'm not perfect by any means)

u know... thats how i feel... i moved six staTes away for work... thought i found the one.... and it all came tumbling down... i just moved even farther to get away and now im really lost... all i know is my brother here and well he works alot and im just sitting here with my mind messing with me.... it really not even a sexuall thing really.... i just want companionship... anywho i feel ya... it sux!

i rated this up to, so glad you posted it and its a painfull place to be i should know i,m living it ty xx

well said Ana. I can feel what u feel though im not leaving in some knd isolated place.

Yes, how did there get to be so many lonely people out there? A book titled "loneliness" might answer some of your questions. I used to have that lifestyle, too. Have fun. Keep in touch.

I rate this up :)