You Will Not Find Loneliness And Despair Where I Am

Do you notice that loneliness and despair are everywhere?   Children, you will not find loneliness and despair where I am.   Indeed, even in the most wretched of circumstances, if I am present, you will see eyes that smile and offer kindness, and you will see great hope, even in the face of suffering and death.   So what is missing in your world?   I am missing.   Few souls allow Me to work through them.   When I am allowed, you will see hope begin to flourish again.  Faces will be more at peace and joy will flow naturally from one soul to another.   I will put such joy in your faces that you will be unable to conceal your unity with Me.

Excerpts from Volume 2, p.64 =>

The author, Anne, a mother, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world.   This message is from Jesus.   The Bible should be received with genuine faith.   In addition, people are free to accept or reject these private revelations.

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46-50, M
Mar 19, 2011