I am now 21 years old and have never experienced a relationship. To make matters worse my friends are calling me the "40 year old virgin". This whole situation bothers me. I do not understand what is wrong. Am I wrong in who I am? Or What? What is the deal? The additional irritation comes from the people around me. Honestly the jokes are meaningless. Its the many friends in pointless relationships that choice to remain in a conflicting relationship. Where they always get the short end of the stick along with the optional physical/ mental abuse. Why would anyone stay in such a degrading relationship? It does not make sense to me. However it is clearly makes sense to the many around me. Therefore I have thought of becoming a caveman. For about one week I am going to look, react, think, eat, essentially become the many guys that abuse my friends. I hope someone will learn something from it.
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Hey I know how u feel. I am 29 this year and have been praying for marriage for four years now. I am not even close (not dating). I don't think being a virgin has anything to do with it, besides, it's no one's business. Let's pray a relationship happens for both us soon.

I think you are 21 and still single because you are just being very cautious who you want to be with, as long as you have some hang out friends that'll do just fine too...If i could go back to age 21 i would change how i met a few of the short lived relationships i had which just left me with a new addition. I would trade lives with you any day, and don't mind the teasing and taunting from your friends, the old saying goes " Don't let it bring you down, let it toughen you up" Friends don't always realize when they are hurting your feelings, and don't always ask either.. and its hard to bring up " hurt feelings " If they keep it up start saying " that comment, or what you said " really hurt my feelings if they are meant to be friends they'll be supportive and sympathetic.. Anyways i'm probably boring you to tears, i'll go now.. Take Care and Good Luck

princessofblog, you are right bout you'll meet the "right one"... My question is, i dont think we would ever know if that some1 is the right one... cuz i was in a relationship not too long ago, and i thought she was the so called "the one", our relationship "was" perfect, but people change (she ended it)... and for you KAI, juz enjoy your life, take care