Whoa... Over 18 Thousand People In This Group?

I'd say what is bothering me and why I feel lonely... but nah, it is too cliche. Very true and honest emotions for I am and have been actually alone since my single digits, but cliche. (I'd probably write it halfassed too). Now I'm just bothered by how many people are in this group, some suffering.
I hate the feeling of lonliness... It makes me sad seeing this group. My advice is simple-don't dwell or mope because then you're basically sitting in your own feceses of negative energy making it hard to see a line of actual solace even if it slapped you in the face. Give self reassurance to yourself that you have the strength to accomplish and change anything with time. Independent or not.
I want to hear everyones story in this group-I don't like the thought of someone suffering when someone as little as me is willing listen/read. I know I could have used anyone to bark or cry too in my darkest hours. Life will be full of them.
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No ned to be envious I am always looking for an adventure partner, but either way you have your hole life ahead of you. So many adventures in life for you to be happy about for your future. So be happy, you have a great smile. Looks happy, it suits you well. So like the song "Don't worry Be Happy" :)

And thank you for reading. :) <br />
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You'll be in Hawaii someday, and when you do I'll be envious. I've seen some really gorgeous pics.

Thanks, guess there all real reasons a lot of us are here. I think you have had the worst of it. I think you have better days ahead and young enough to shape it for yourself, as you have provided, as your wisdom to pass on. Thank you for sharing and making it real.

And thanks for commenting. To briefly deliberate; I know the despairs of loneliness... I suffered up until these past few years. It was from being mostly mentally abused, friendless, backstabbed, raised being told no one loved her and she was digging her own grave which affects a child more than admitted, starvation, utter desolateness, self composure and confidence shattered seemingly permanently, etc, etc, and then getting severely sick with kidney failure due to negligence-hospitalized and very alone for days at the age 14. I could have died during my hospital stay I was told, and I remember wanting too because what had I to return too? No one cared I was even in the hospital to begin with and my mother went around saying it was because of my ovaries? Possibly to cover her tracks. And the last piece of drama-abandoned by my mother who claimed her children were the worst thing that happened to her in 2009? I assure people who read this I really did feel alone and did not want to exist anymore and debated how long it would take someone to realize Maegyn's corpse was already decomposing in her room, and I estimated clearly, quite the while (the smell would certainly blend into the house I was living in at the time, I'm happy all my animal family members have happier homes now :D ). I just got out of that pit and cleaned myself off and am looking at life differently lol. I mean yeah it still hits me once in a while-right now I'm feeling irritable and lonely, but I am no longer in depression. I'm rather bubbly. I've recently been living with my father I haven't been with in ten years so things are irrevocably better. And I guess I'm a difficult person because I'm still rather alone in the friend/any relationship department, possibly commitment issues. Haha who knows?

Gosh , wish it was that simple. But some things are soooo horrendous and have lasting effects that it is like poverty. It has been around since the begiining of time. People that have hit the toughest times in life. The most bazarre situations and as a result has caused a situation that can in a lot of cases lead to lonliness. Now I am more of an optomist, but feel a pessimism creeping in on me as my lonliness is creeping in and looks to be hanging on with not a lot of hope in sight. I think I may have to do drastic things, like in my case, change my name and move to a new place and start over and hope it isn't too late. But I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and I have always been unable to due to obligations to my children in some form or fashion, which is the root of some of my misery unfortunately. I can't walk out. As the song goes. But if you are lonely, I don't think you are because I don't hear the true dispair that true lonliness brings.<br />
There are the people that enjoy or get something from reading of others misery is part of the percentage of this group. I don't feel that is a bad thing though , as long as something is learned from the readings. That is one of the reasons I posted my story of lonliness and reasons for it. Because someone may read my story and think,, maybe I should re-think some things. Because in this world it takes a long time to build something nice and fulfilling and takes one mistake sometimes by yourself or someone else to bring it all tumbling down. And decisions set you up sooo much for a path in life, you may not be able to alter later. Crazy wisdom comes with age. Some how wisdom should find a way to be passed down to the younger so they may have a better chance in life and have a long life of fulfillment. No guarantees because you see you don't have control of all the outcomes , but you can improve your chances with correct decisions. Thanks for listening. And Well it that is you true picture, I can't imagine you being lonely at all. Your a cutie.

I've been alone since my "single digits" too. I'm also appalled by how many people are in this group. It brings me so much sadness just thinking about it. <br />
I don't wish loneliness on anyone. Everyone deserves to have someone. <br />
It's hard not to think about it and dwell on it when you're sitting in it.