Avoident Personality Disorder And Me.

Hi y'all. I uhhh have a APD. I have trouble opening up and becoming friends with people. It's lead me to be... You guessed it. Extremely lonely. In fact even when I'm around the friend I do have I feel lonely. I went to my senior prom this year and I just felt so isolated, so out of place. I just wanna meet some people who understand what it feels like to feel profoundly alone like myself. So uhhh that's why I'm on ep. To meet other lonely people so I'll feel less alone.
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How do u know u have APD? I think have something similar and am a little older than u and have little boy with boyfreind but have trouble opening up to people, anyway just thought i'd say hi. TC

try to lose that "I want to find lonely people like me" attitude.<br />
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people will stay away from you if your like that. btw people will unconsciously see you as toxic. immerse yourself with happy/ positive people that would help your image<br />
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Better yet read 48 Laws of Power. i have a lot of regrets in life. try to fix that in college and make sure that you won't make the same mistake of making the impression "I'm weak, lonely and needy"<br />
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sorry but you have to MOVE. dont make it too late for you to improve

You're never alone, write whenever you need to.<br />
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