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Having The Switch Thrown On Your Relationship!

It is hard to accept sometimes, when someone you love and care about. Just throws the light switch (so to speak) on your relationship. Because as a mate or partner you failed to meet some sort of expectation that you where not made initially aware of, and when you have been made aware of it and realize what it is your are doing and want to correct it, you cannot because they have decided it is too late. I am lonely, I am not afraid to be alone, it sucks, it hurts. Specifically when I do go back to see our kid (a stepson) whom I love more then life itself. I am still on the outside as I watch her life slowly go to pieces and am there for her as a friend. But as a Lover or Companion, that switch has been thrown and no more shall it be allowed to be turned on. 
Michael820 Michael820 46-50, M 1 Response Jun 28, 2011

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I too left a loveless marriage that left me feeling lonely and I am now utterly happy.

I await, that moment