Hello I am Justin. This is my story about me being lonely alot. Me being lonely goes as far back as high school. When I was in high school, I saw that alot of the people that I thought were my friends would leave me out of alot of things. I would be invited to somethings but most of the time I would be left out. I tried my best to make friends, but it wont work. Even when I was helping out with basketball in high school, I still felt lonely because alot of those guys had girlfriends, that would be there for them, and I didnt. I felt bad about myself. I would question myself about. Asking myself,Why arent the girls talking to me and questions like that. I feel still to this day separated from people my age. I have a form of autism called Aspergers. I am different from alot of people my age, which is fine to me but I would still like to have friends to hang out with. Whenever I get on facebook, I see people that I thought that I graduated with and other people that I know doing stuff with there friends. I feel bad because I am like that person or group of people are suppose to be my friends and it is like that I dont even exist. I have tried my best get friends to do stuff with, but it doesnt work. Even at college, I still I am lonely. Even though I got to do stuff with some people, I still felt lonely. I hung out with a group of guys that I thought were my friends, would leave me out of alot of stuff. An example is going to clubs. They promised me that they would take me but they didnt take me. One guy said that I would be quite the whole time and that I had aspergers. I was like I would get out of my comfort zone and talk to random people. They thought I was an embrassment because I am not like them and I have aspergers. I am different from them, I am proud to be different but I would like to still have friends. Being lonely sucks, but I have learn to deal with it the best that I could. That is all I can do.
That was my story about being lonely. Thanks
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I have been there , you will be ok , keep strong my friend.

Hey ill be your friend

Your an inspiration

Don't give the guy false hope. I'm lonesome and I've heard everything that's on this post before. Sometimes it truly is hopeless because people are just mean, selfish, egocentric organisms that pander to the beauty culture. Don't matter how smart you are, If your ugly or even slightly handicap, you're an elephant man reject. but keep trying.

You need to find friends who respect you and like you for who you are. Don't ever feel lonely because there are so many people in the world that feel like this too. You will make good friends one day, you just haven't met the right people yet. x

me too

Hi Justin, I worked with a lady who had aspergers. I had no idea she had it until she told me. I found her to be a little socially strange at times and very intelligent but she was a good person and I enjoyed her company. I still keep contact with her even though we don't work together anymore. People will like you for who you are if they are worth hanging around. You are important and worthy of having good friends. I am a little eccentric and have had problems making friends my whole life and I realized that there are actually not many people I want to be friends with. I have a few friends who I trust and love and it took me 25 years to find and build these friendships. But it is worth the wait to find someone you actually connect with rather than just having friends to not feel alone.


Firstly I'd like to say I know how you feel. Thought I may not have aspergers, I know how it feels to be alone and to be left out.

Though I'm not good at trying to keep positive myself, here's some useful advice. Always remember the most important person you have in your life is yourself. Just take a step back and try to see it as "there are people out there that are worse off than me". And by this quote you should consider yourself lucky. As you have a life of your own, and if you want to be healthy, try to remember that in your life you come first. Try to accept yourself and make peace with yourself first. Once you have found inner peace, then take it step by step and take on the world. Just be yourself and keep fighting and life will grant you with a gift worth more than you will ever know sooner than you think.

You have come so far in your life and always be yourself. Other people should accept you for who your are and if they cant accept it then they may not be worth the time. You have a gift not a curse. You will find what you've been looking for, just take a step back and try to accept who you are.

Much Respect.

Thanks for sharing this, Justin. I feel sad that you are so lonely because you seem like a pretty decent guy, I mean maybe you need to put yourself out there more, you say that even while you're with your friends you feel lonely; maybe its because you're not completely honest with them about how you are. That's the case with me, if I'm hanging out with someone I can't completely be myself with I feel lonely...
Its hard to find unconditional acceptance in friends but you should still look for it because when you are friends with someone who doesn't really care that you have asperger's because you're so much fun to be with, you never feel lonely.
Anyway I know internet friends aren't the same thing as friends in your real life but message me sometime, you seem pretty cool :)

look for a real friend one who are there when you need them,
we all have been lonely in our life `make a plan to find that one real friend they are out there looking for you `good luck x x

meditaion would really help you open up in the way !!

It's okay to be quiet. I notice it's been a while since this post, has your situation changed?

I know exactly how you feel. And I'm a girl. :P well ya, thanks for writing this

That kind of experience hurts but at least you know that maybe they are not the type of people you should treat as friends because friends keep their promises no matter what. :)

i dont believe aspergers but I fel the exact same way as in on pretty much the whole story, dude. its hard trying to make friend when you have social axiety as well. people thinking you're strange when they bare even know you. I wish things were a little different, you know?

Don't depend on others for happiness. Make it yourself. Take command. Do what YOU want to do. Go after what you like. If someone comes along, fine; if not, keep going. YOU are your best friend. Forget about Aspergers. Live life on YOUR terms.

I know exactly how you feel. Low self esteem or feelings of inferiority happen to occur a lot in people with Asperger's.

In high school I felt exactly like you are describing. Also because people had a rough idea of what autism and Asperger's included, but it was completely wrong. Their definition was: 'A person with autism is a person who freaks out all the time'. And actually that was hilarious. 'So come on guys, let's just confuse and tease that person until he freaks out!' 'Yep, he did it again!'. Entertainment of the day.

They did not see how painful it was to be so confused in the simplest situations, while knowing you were the only one feeling that way. It was incredibly embarrassing and so you tried to hide it and pretend you were 'normal'. Nobody was allowed to know you were lost or confused, because that was not what the 'normal' kids did. But of course one time it had to come out and then you failed miserably, and all your classmates were more than willing to help you on that.

Things started changing however when I went to college. I had to go to college and I thought: Another school.. this will probably not be any different. However it was a special Honors College where the emphasis lay on quality of the lectures and a small scale only stimulated the interactivity. That was true, it was a close-knit community where everyone knew each other and newcomers were accepted and received with almost ridiculous enthusiasm. Their motivation: 'We know what it feels to be new... so all we want is you to feel welcome'. We had an introduction week in which interaction and getting to know each other was stimulated as much as possible. I do not make friends easily, but here you simply had no choice. I got to know so many people and made so many friends! I did the psychology and neuroscience track and those students were very much interested in psychological disorders including Asperger's and very curious about what someone like that would feel like. Of course I could show off all my expertise and they are generally just very accepting of that and even have high respect.

Hence, my advice: Hang on! You'll find a place where you'll fit in... Some people are just late-bloomers. And perhaps you are one of them.

I understand exactly where your coming from. I am 18 and have been extremely lonely since I was around 14 it has become a way of life for me. I suggest seeing a therapist. That's what I've done to try and help myself but the loneliness is still there. I'm so sorry you feel this way. It is a terrible feeling I know but just have faith that it will get better there is still a lot of life to live my friend.

all the message below are very encouraging. I like the advice of Smiling- try it more.

And like many said, don't be sad anymore ok. Lets be friends from now on (:

Have faith in God almighty. Believe me, I am also like you. I have often envied people who get to hang out with others. But now I have made new friends through my prayer house. Also I found that smiling works. You must start smiling at people more. Reach out to people. Don't worry too much about rejection. For 10 people who reject you, there will be 10 people who will love and accept you. Just remember one thing , REACH OUT. and stop the negative self talk. Affirm everyday that you are smart and charming. and soon you will see a miracle happening. cheers !!!

look i know i found this way after it was posted.But i hope things are going smoother. an yeah the Jedinutjob... isn't any where near right. you won't always be lonely and when your not you'll appreciate those ppl more than most ppl an in turn they will appreciate you more than most ppl they call friends.

Wow!!! they are not friends they are judgemental idiots and they don't deserve to be in your presence. Ditch even trying to know people like that. You will find true friends who will like you for who you are. Give it time.Go with your gut feeling and dont listen to jediknight7. By the looks of his comment he sounds similar to those "friends" you mentioned in your story. Take Care

feel free to message me if you need someone to chat to.:)

justin..here is the truth.. people are like birds... if you look at birds outside...do you see the crows hanging around with the robins...? no you dont ! you see robins with other robins...and crows with other crows.... do you get my point... you need to find others with the same or similar problem you have, and hang with them...i bet they are wanting friends like you too....and some of them might be cute girls ! find a group of people who meet that are aspers like you... try .. www.meetup.com

I do not agree. Autism generally is a very broad spectrum, but even within the field of Asperger's there is a lot of variation. I joined a community for teenagers with High Functioning Autism (Asperger's and PDD-NOS) when I was in high school. Most of them however, were guys who spent their entire day behind the computer on World of Warcraft and had no other interests but that. All they seemed to talk about was computer games and it was impossible of having a - of my idea - sensible conversation with them. I however, am a woman (which is already exceptional.. 80% of the cases is male) and computer games were the last things that interested me. I was interested in people (autistic people who are interested in people are extremely rare.. usually they tend to run away from what confuses them. I found it extremely interesting for that reason) and exceptionally empathetic. The whole setting felt so forced. 'Ok, you guys are all autistic. Now let's be friends!'. While obviously the diagnosis of autism was the only thing we had in common...

Instead of finding people with common diagnoses.. Find people with common interests. I found all my friends in the psychology track because they were interested in my story and I was interested in their stories... And none of them actually has an autistic diagnosis.

your not lonley becuase youve got me if that okie with you :)

dont worry becuase your not in this fight of being lonley on your own :) Trust me their are people out in this world full of lonely people in the world and im one of them but

Hey Bambie98 how about adding this lonely man to your circle.

Hi Justin, I've never been diagnosed with Asperger's, but I do know what it's like to be socially awkward and left out of things. I tend to be on the quiet side, so it does making meeting people difficult. Just hang in there okay? Something good is bound to happen.

let's be friends and talk hit my inbox :) hope to hear from u soonest!

Dude, I think people should be more social and actually talk more lately. In this society, people are really dependent on technology (I'm not helping myself by typing online) and I'm glad that we have these interesting people to TALK. YOU KNOW, WITH THINGS CALLED MOUTHS. So shame on them, even if you aren't typically normal and start blabbing all over the place; it gives CHARACTER.

Don't be lonely! Message me for a chat if you're ever in the mood. Don't ever sad because of who you are. You are made to be your perfect self, if some people don't see that screw 'em.

<p>justin, you're going to be alright, because some of those same people who ignored you will<br />
need your help, or friendship someday. but by then you will have rose up and beyond these people. you'll have gotten stronger wont need anyone, believe in god and he will get you through all things. all thins are possible through him. you're a strong person now, and don't you forget it. god bless you.</P>

justin, you're going to be alright, because some of those same people who ignored you will
need your help, or friendship someday. but by then you will have rose up and beyond these people. you'll have gotten stronger wont need anyone, believe in god and he will get you through all things. all thins are possible through him. you're a strong person now, and don't you forget it. god bless you.

justin, im going through the same thing, i have no friebds, i recently deactivated my FB account and made a new one, and im up to 3 friends, and guess what, i met them online, theyre not true friends, but still, its what i got, and i enjoy talking to them, but other then that, im lonely

lets be friends also thanks!

Hey,<br />
Never lose hope.<br />
Don't worry!!!<br />
Every thing will be okay....<br />
There are many other victims of Asperger's syndrome who are less fortunate than you.<br />
Atleast you have friends , some are considered burden to the family and are often neglected. You are really lucky.... <br />
All the best in finding true friends......

Hey Justin, Will you be frnds with me :) <br />
I found my best frnds when i did my masters degree, thats late very late... but still i got the best, the true frnds... :) Its gonna be late but its gonna be better...

You're not alone Jus!! Loving u all through..<br />

I LOVE U!! U r such a great person and I wish every1 had the same attitude as u do!! Keep it up and I bet ul'l make many friends and possibly a girlfriend too!

I understand how it feels to always get left out of things! As I was reading your story I felt as if I was experiencing every emotion as portrayed in your text. I really wish that I could be in your life as a friend to let you know that regardless of whatever condition you may have I am pretty sure you are an awesome person. Also, not every girl is going to ignore you like they did to you in high school! You may be surprised how many girls liked you then but were too shy to say so, and you will be even more surprised at how many girls like you know! Just keep your head up and you will make a boat load of friends!!! :)

Hi Justin,<br />
I have been in your shoes all my life and even to this day and moment. I always feel that I dont fit into the group of everyone else. Justin, I would like to tell you one thing. First thing that everyone should do is to love themselves. The moment you care for yourself and love yourself, that is the time when you can attract people to you and bet they cannot leave you once they get to know the true you, Justin. Honestly if there is a void inside us, we can never love or get along with anyone completely. First things first, please try to fill the void inside you by loving yourself. Give yourself all the love and care that you need in the world. Fall in love with yourself everyday. Go on a date with yourself everyday. Tell yourself that you love yourself truly and do it too. Then the difference can be felt in your life Justin. You can relate to people better, they can talk to you well and do infact get along with you like never before. Trust me Justin, that is what I'm doing now and that feels great and the magic has begun in my life. Now I'm liked by people and they like to talk to me. First thing to do to come out of this pain is to love yourself Justin, do it so much so that you cannot feel the void or the pain or anything negative and then the whole world appears like it has changed. Its all about perspectives Justin. It will surely change once you try this. Loving yourself is easy. Do what you love the most, pursue a hobby, do something of your choice. Give yourself surprises and then you will know how to attract people towards you. Trust me Justin, this works. Give it a try. You will surely find/get the people you want in your life. Or may be you will get the best that you never thought of/imagined. Just try it.

That is a very touching story. I am sorry that you had to go through that. Friends are not suppose to do that too you! And it sucks what your friends have put you through this. Why don't you try talking to them, and let them know how they hurt your feelings? I know it sounds cheesy, but maybe they don't know how they hurt your feelings. Or you can try and make a new friend. I know thats hard, but why not try. Go to a place that you enjoy going too such as a basketball game, gym, comic book store and try and see if you can talk to someone and maybe you'll meet a friend. I hope everything goes well! xo

I have been feeling lonely for a long time now.<br />
<br />
My fiancee which i truly loved broke up with me, a half year ago and forgot i exist.<br />
<br />
I loved her with all my heart..She said she did too..I never see her online no more, she lives in a different city. Shes prolly getting drunk and having sex. I know she does. She lied to me about a genital disease she gave me.<br />
<br />
**** seems to happen a lot in relationships..Why? I know people tell u to not care..but how can u not care if u truly love somebody.? It hurts..she really loved me..how can anybody forgot about love so fast?<br />
<br />
After she broke up she forgot about me and had no big troubles getting new friends..<br />
<br />
i do..my friends dont really care bout me. I have nobody. I find that when somebody finally gives me a sign of love that i feel better..<br />
<br />
I feel so lonely..that i think my mind is going..I feel so weak..<br />
<br />
I know i should just move on.. But how can u move on when u love somebody? She was my fiancee..she begged me to marry her..basically..<br />
<br />
She was my best friend...<br />
<br />
Why am i so lonely all the time....I want to feel good again..<br />
<br />
I dont understand people ..they laugh and get drunk etc etc..<br />
<br />
but i never seem to be albe to relate to them..<br />
<br />
I dont understand...i really dont understand..I feel so lonely all the ******* time ..Im sick of it..Im a really honest nice guy..and i can love a person a lot..<br />
<br />
So what im different..I like romance and love, relaxing, watching movies..<br />
<br />
im a really nice guy if u get to know me..and i would never leave the one that i love..so much..<br />
<br />
u know love? I know i can give so much love..but nobody seems to want it..<br />
<br />
Im so lonely all the time..U know why? I cant seem to relate to anybody ..maybe i expect too much..Maybe i just want a good friend..u know? That would care bout me..if im doing bad..<br />
<br />
But i found out that i have nobody and even my best friend..my love of 3 years..her love died..and i just dissapeared from her life.?<br />
<br />
Is that love? <br />
<br />
I always am alone and walk alone..Also at my studies..<br />
<br />
I dont know what people expect no more from me..>I am me..what is wrong with me? WHy doesnt even anybody care when i tell them how im doing? Even when they ask?<br />
<br />
Well thats how i feel..ANd i dont want to feel that way n omore..Can somebody help me to deal with my feelings and to deal with this life i have? I truly have nobody...How can i survive?

You've Got a Friend in me

My problem is it’s been such a long time since I had a real friend that I had a fun time with I made a huge mistake by deciding to be lonely , loneliness hasn’t helped me at all , at first it was great I’ve been lonely for like 3 years and now I hate it I don’t want to be like this anymore I don’t have a problem with talking to people , I’m not shy but I don’t know I just want to change and have fun I’m now 21 years old and I want to enjoy my years ,before it’s too late I want to enjoy it and stop being lonely and just change for the better , but how ? I don’t know I know that it’s possible and I’m a really optimistic person but I’m afraid of change. I have a strong desire to change but I’m scared I want to change really bad ,I ‘m so sick of being lonely and not having fun.

Geez. This is hectic man. I have friends, Im lucky enough, but a girlfriend? Not that lucky. Hang in there. You're strong for surviving this long.

I feel lonely a lot too. I feel like every person in my life has someone. Whether it be a significant other, or a best friend that they do everything with. Sometimes I have weird random thoughts that some people are meant to just be alone, and I am one of those people. I know it sucks to be lonely, but you should know that you are very valuable despite how anyone behaves towards you.

I am different too. I have a disability that makes it hard for me to talk sometimes. or concentrate. No one wants to be my friend. People don't want to be around me because of that difference. People do not invite me anywhere or talk to me. They find me gross. So you are in the right place to feel accepted

I agree that those people are truly ridiculous, but they are people nonetheless, who have imperfections. I agree with ElvenLady, find people that understand and like you for you, it may be hard or take a while, but it can happen, no doubt about it. <br />
This reminds me of this guy that i was really interested in but he had a really big birthmark, covering probably half of his body... this really interfered with his self-esteem. He was really social during the party, but talking to him seemed to be.. hard for him, so much that he thought he wasn't good enough for me... he also felt he couldn't connect with others, because people did see his birthmark and I noticed that myself. <br />
I only say this story to you because WHEN you find that right person, who loves you for YOU, or that friend who LISTENS to you, remember to keep that person, cherish that person, and don't question that person because when someone is truly there for you, and truly loves you... the only thing that can make them go away is you. I have learned this the hard way, but trust me. You will know the real from the fake because it feels amazing...unlike anything else in this world.<br />
<br />
God bless you my friend. You are not handi-capped, you're handi-capable. (:

Don't try hard to make people love you. But try hard to make yourself loves you. If you love yourself, people will see it and feel it the same way. Trust me.

Your heart is in the right place. Keep positive and those true friends will come. I promise they will. Just don't give up no matter how hard things seem to get. Being lonely is something I've had a lot of experience in. It will get better though.

Hi Justin! :) I'll be your friend. My name is Hannah, and I understand you.. I feel the same way a lot. I don't have asbergers but my parents chose to homeschool me instead of letting me go to public school. So now I'm about ti start college classes and have some friends, but we're not close or anything. People don't often ask me to hang out either. <br />
But I think why your "friends" don't include you (like taking you to clubs) is because they are insicure. They don't want to be different or draw people's attention to them. They may feel awkward around you because they act differently or don't know how to relate. I can relate to both sides, I've been in both situations... I have a friend who is bipolar and schizofrenic, and I have done the same thing to her...I try to be a friend but going out in public is hard for me because I also want to fit in with other people. I guess this is one if my insicurities. I don't really know how to help you except I would talk to your friends and tell them "I am different. Either accept it or don't. There's a million a--holes in the world but few are nice and actually care like I do. Who do you want as your friends? Make a choice." or something. Idk. <br />
Anyways, do you have facebook? I'll add you :) we can talk whenever you want a friend who will listen. I will be praying for you Justin, and even when you don't have friends, God is always there for you.<br />

Those guys don't sound like real friends, it saddens me to hear you story. :( I hope you find a good set of friends, I'm in the same boat, I hate feeling lonely or left out. I think being here will help find some similar friends. If you ever want to chat, don't be afraid to drop an mm. :)

I am lonely as well. It is not from a disease of any kind, I'm just...different...from other people. Alot of people on this site are ^^<br />
<br />
I can equate with anyone. I can interact with every clique. I can become anyone's friend.<br />
<br />
But I just...don't feel like I fit in. Anywhere. There's no one that's enough like me.<br />
<br />
<br />
The greatest problem with humans is their failure at balancing individualism and unity.<br />
<br />
<br />
If you're not "like them" you're not "with them". It's sad ):<br />
<br />
Go find an SOS Brigade! xD

You sound so much like me. It's exactly the same story here. I have friends but they leave me out of everything, And sometimes they plan stuff without even telling me. And even though I'm with so many people around me- I still feel really lonely. At home, at school..everywhere. It's like haunting me. Friends brake me down all the time. And now Im friendless...but I write or draw most of the time to forget it all...<br />
I'm sorry about this all. I now the feeling. If you needed to talk- you can talk to me anytime. No problem :)

Justin, don't worry about it because when it is your time you will find a true friend that really know the true meaning of friendship and you will then have the Joy to do the things you would like to do with your friend. Just continue to stay strong.

awwwwww, we are all here for you Justin, and we all experience different things that bother us, keep you're head high, we are alike on this website, you're not alone :) x

I am very lonely too. I am different than most of the people in my age group so I do not go out much. In high school, I always found myself being left out. Even if I was invited, I would stick to myself. I am quite awkward when trying to talk with new people. <br />
<br />
I can be outgoing when I feel comfortable, but most of the time I don't feel that way. Being lonely totally sucks! It's better though when you have people to talk to. <br />
<br />
I'm sure you're a cool guy :) One day someone will see that!

It is hard to get good friends, even if you don't have any illness, believe me! Neighbour's grass is always greener and looking at their facebook, that they hang out and have fun, does not help at all. It happens to me too. It takes time to get to know people and they to get to know you, so although you might not feel any connection with them now, you can one day. About being left out, it happened when I was in school too. Well, they are not nice friends if they do that and trust me, there is nothing wrong with you. It's them, and it can be hard to get good friends. But when you are lucky, you can find a sincere person too. So dont give up!

I know exactly how you feel and trust me many people in this site itself who've read your story relate to this. i still have hope that one day when I'll have true friends and family by my side I won't feel lonely anymore and I want you to hope that too. have faith in your destiny.<br />
and dude, you're a great guy, a good guy at heart, so don't be disheartened. you deserve good and you'll get that.<br />
gosh! now that was a long rant. :)

It sounds like you have got a lot of support here, and I am glad for that. As everyone has already said, people can suck!! But we are not all bad, and you will find friends who love you for who you are, and will not treat you that way. Aspergers can be hard, I wouldn't know this first hand, but I have had a few friends through the years who have Aspergers and have explained to me how hard it can be. But don't let it debilitate you! You will find people who understand, and it will be better!!<br />
<br />
On a different note: the grammar police have stopped by and have brought you this!!! It is possibly the funniest thing you will ever read, and after you do, you will post it anywhere you see this common grammatical mistake as well!! :)<br />
<br />

Hey, screw people like that. They aren't your friends. You sound like a cool guy and I wouldn't mind hanging out with you. Those guys are a bunch of jerks and you don't need friends like that, you need good people to be your friend. They should be lucky to have you as a friend. You just need to hangout with someone who can get you to open up more or someone that can be a "wingman" and help you talk with a lady. You sound like you would be totally respectful with a girl, you just need to find the right one.<br />
<br />
And screw Facebook, most of the people using it are tools and posers.

what can i say....everyone has said it so welll......stay strong and be brave.you are not alone <3

Those guys are selfish dicks. Ignore them. I know its hard making friends in this day and age, try not pushing it so hard, you'll naturally find people who will graciously accept you for yourself. You seem super sweet and sensitive, girls love that in a man, someone will see it, I promise. You already have half the girls on ep eager to listen, help, talk, and give you attention.

wow i know how you feel ive been through stuff like that my whole life! and im only 18 now and it sux cuz i feel like my life was "wasted" or something cuz everyone i know was always hanging out and always without me but hey since we share the ame feeling ill be your friend online and ill never treat u as if u r not here as a matter of fact i will be anyones friend who wants to make friends im a very friendly peson so just let me know whoever is reading this and i will be here for u through ur ups and downs and help u smile when ur sad cuz i know the feeling of not having anyone there to do that for me! ill put my facebook link up on my profile for those who hve it.

You are not the only person with aspberger's. My son has aspbergers. I know things are hard for him too. Have you considered trying to find friends with aspbergers so you wouldn't feel left out. You'd feel like everyone else. They'd understand where you are coming from. I bet you could find an aspberger's support group and make other friends who would understand your struggles. I am sure you can make a lot of friends without aspberger's too, but sometimes it is great to know that there are other people out there just like you. And just so you know, I have a hard time making friends too, and I don't have aspbergers. Sometimes, it's just hard to find "the right" friends. I believe you will though. Hang in there until you find your niche. And trust me, you will find your niche!

Hey Justin!<br /><br />
I've read your story. It's sad...but you know that everyone feels lonely sometimes and it's normal I think.<br /><br />
In your case, I don't think that people from your school or college are your true friends.<br /><br />
But don't give up! There are a lot of different people in the world and you still have time to change your life.

I think that your friends are so mean to invite you to a place then left you alone,,Im so sorry to hear that..They are not true friends ,because true friends like you for your self,no matter what happend befor,things will be much better,think about the people who love you as you are,I know you will find someone who loves you and be you true friend for ever..Do you know why?..Because you deserve the best friends in the world,in that time ..You will NEVER walk alone..Smile for me..: )

aww justin. that sucks that people are like that to you. just because you are diffrent and have aspergers dosent mean anything. i wanna be your friend. can we?i have a facebook also. i think your cool. :)

i don't have what you do, but i feel the exact same way. your not alone in your feelings...i can be in a room full of people and feel soo alone..remain strong...cheers :))

Well your friends are an idiots..jst be proud of you and be yourslef..one day theyll run back to you..like me some of my friends kynda hate my attitude they said im weird and i never stop being weird because it who i am now they trully accept me and love me for who i am..be yourself justin!!

I'm here for you, you know that. Anytime you want to talk just message me.<br />
<br />
I know what it feels like, although in a different sense. I'm a bit to outrageous for most people, a little bit much. I laugh too loudly and I talk to loudly. <br />
<br />
Ahh well.. what can you do. I think you're a great person, regardless.

your a cool guy and they shouldnt treat you like that. just dont pay attention to them. and i will be here for you as a friend :)

Best things in life often happen to us late. But they do happen :) And the little that we spoke I knew how wonderful you are. Keep your head high, because you are among the very few who are true friends :)