Nice Guy But So Deeply Lonely

I am 53 years old. I am so deeply lonely inside. I am great at masking my true feelings and even my girlfriend does not know how I feel inside. I have no friends other than that. I suffered extreme abuse as a child from two older brothers and that has followed me into adulthood and then some. Even though I have had counselling that kind of abuse never leaves you and haunts the back of your memory. At times it almost cripples me. I have trouble relating to males and cannot make male friends due to trust issues. Does any one else have this difficulty. I would like to hear how you handle it.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2011

I haven't seen my brothers in 5 years because of their bullshit. In many ways thery should have taken care of me I was 7 when dad died and they were grown but as you can see that didn't work out. I tried for years to have a relationship with them. I made all the phones calls, I traveled back home to see them and this could go on and on but nobody wants to hear it. Now I just go on and I've told my husband if I die he is not to call them. Hell they wouldn't come anyway. Let the people that have caused you grief go and move on and make a great lige for yourself and the ones that love you know. My husband pushed me away for years it took him forever to fully let me in hi heart and he will tell you he missed out on alot because he let the past burn him. Life is to damn short to let someone ruin it for me cause I can probablyt do a damn good joib

I refuse to let my past mess up my future When you give it that kind of power it takes over you and it wins. I can't change the past so I move on. I thank God everyday that I can just tell my past to kiss my ***. I have a wonderful life, could use a little more money but doesn't everyone. Don't let the past destroy what you have now. Move forward and love the good woman you have now and vow to protect her fro0m what you went thru. If you choose to suffer still from their abuse then they win, not you. Because you gave them so much power.