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 so now what do i do i feel my worth has slipped away. i have no motivation for the day i live with crippling pains in my stomach and nausea vomiting on a daily basis the doctors dont have any answers for me yet. besides my physical pain i ache inside from lonelyness, my best friend my partner in life left me he met a younger girl had a brief affair and filed for divorce even after i knew he was cheating i still didnt want him to go, since then he's  come back and gone again several times everytime i lose a little more of myself but i would do anything to have our family back together. I have always been outgoing full of life social love art music LOVE to dance, festivals, gatherings, campouts, there i was by the fire. not these days i hate even gettting out of bed i dont want to shower i dont want to eat food let alone try and live a life. i dont know why he's done this to us we have a child doesn't he see how this hurts doesn't he care i could have never done this to him. why was i not worth it to him and how is this person he just met worth it we were together for 15 yrs how can he just leave what did i do? what do i do now?
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"why was i not worth it to him..." Hi. I can empathize with your feelings, as I have felt this way before. First, I don't think that his choice is a reflection of your worth, but a reflection of his lack of worth (i.e., lack of maturity, stability, sense of self, etc.).<br />
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"...and how is this person he just met worth it we were together for 15 yrs how can he just leave what did i do?" Again, it doesn't seem that you did anything; he did. It seems that he is not thinking with a stable, mature, solid mindset. He sounds insecure and ego-driven. The new person may be simply that; "new". The reality may not have sunk in for you yet, but it likely hasn't sunk in for him either (i.e., "Newness"=no responsibility, no past arguments, no progression, no reality).<br />
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"what do i do now?" Well, my advice may sound simple, but it helps me: Day by day. Please don't look at this as a mountain to climb––Instead, think of this as a series of small steps towards a positive direction. Go to a spa; get your hair done; look beautiful, and feel beautiful; bring your child and maybe even one of you child's friends to an amusement park, and enjoy the vibe; go to a museum, and look at each work of art with the wonderment of a child...Rediscover yourself...Sometimes, opportunity is hidden in adversity. My best to you.

Sometimes life doesn't always go as we planned. It's hard to realize that our hope and dreams are over, it's hard to realize the person we loved so much hurt us. <br />
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As much as we don't want to admit it, that life you once had is gone. You have to accept the things that happened and move on for the sake of ourself and your child. <br />
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It's ok to be sad, your moarning a loss of a relationship, what you are feeling is normal. Your getting over a broken heart. It will take some time to heal. What may help is start focusing on yourself, do whats best for you and your child. Get childsupport and alimony, you deserve it. Start doing the hobbies you once enjoyed, try to keep yourself preoccupied so you don't think of the past right now.<br />
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Time will heal your broken heart, be strong, have faith, and love YOURSELF!<br />
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Many Blessings,<br />
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Totally agree with LelliApple33,you have to look forward ,the vomiting could be a symptom of stress caused by the situation,take control and go out find friends and go back to doing what you want.How old is your son going to clubs activities for him could get you meeting new friends.<br />
If you need friend you have one just send message and will help you.

i just saw this story, and one thing to say: You have to get over him. Don't give him any more chances, and don't welcome him back, he's left you before and he'll do it again. Sure, let ur kid see him, but he doesn't have to be part of ur life. Get some new friends, and go to those parties and things u like to do, and u'll find someone better. (: