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Hey everyone I am new to the community. I am just lonely I am 36, I have three teens 2 boys 19 and 17 and a 13 year old daughter never been married. I havent really had any relationship in about 13 years, had someone want to just "hit it" which is not for me. I am lonely because I just want someone to complete me and make me feel like I am only theirs the same I would feel for them,if anyone can understand that. I am not interested in just "sex" can you understand that I want romance and comfort and love, To feel whole again sex just is a part of that. I am tired of the loveless relationships I want to be held and loved...oh well that is about me...
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Sex without the emotional connection can make you feel more alone then ever. I too am alone. I was married for 34 years. My daughter died, my husband died, my parents also. My son's have moved on (as they should). I am in a wheelchair trying to raise my 12 year old grand daughter. We sit at home alone and watch tv. We try to talk but she feels so alone that I think I am useless. But I try to be cheerful, I try to be optimistic. I try for her sake. I 'm all she has that she can count on. Try to keep involved with your kids they are far from being ready to stand alone. Try to find your joy in them for they will be gone all too soon and that is when you can fully persue finding your own bliss. It will be there for you to seek out. For right now the kids need you greatly. If you feel alone how must they feel it sounds like the fathers are not there.

m so sorry to hear this.. look forward in life u have ur kids with u... u r nt alone.... u will surely find a guy who will complete you... but dont get disheartening...the guy didnt deserve to b wid u... he is gone for good... may u get lots of happiness soon....

You need to find someone with the same interests Nd you will find a life partner

keep your head up hun. =)

I think your honesty is amazing.With us here and with yourself. I hope after 4 years you have found that love and affection you need.

I m married for over 30 years, but some times I feel lonely, why, well because there are things that I do not want to talk to my wife because I do not want that she worried about the economic situation. When I m sad, I try to pray and feel better.<br />
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The Professionals advice that feell lonely it is just an state of the mind, that meas that you create de situation to feel alone and they suggest that you must bring to your mind those happy times that happen in the past.<br />
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I think that most us require another human beign to talk about anything to share experiences, feelings and ideas.<br />
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You have a nice family so invest more time with your kids, talk with them as friends so you will not need in short time<br />
a partner.<br />
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To have a lovely family is the secret when hard times arrive.<br />
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This is all good advice, but the relationship she has with her children is completely different than the one she is lonely for.

i am so sorry to her about you,but you have to look at it like this you have three great kids that love there mother very much.and you are a great mother to them .you have a lot going for you,now as for your personnal life,well thats up to you to go out and seek the world for your true love and hope of one day.dont ever give up or give in,you are in control here.i know whats it is like to be lonley i am there too,you see i have a problem that no one likes so i am buy myself all so.but you keep your headup and keep smiling and keep the joy and hope in your heart you will meet someone real soon.best of luck to you,if you ever need a friend i am her to help if i can.have a great day and take care.

It is so hard these days. We move so fast , life is different and relationships & marriages have less of a chance of surviving. I know truly how you feel , I am single mum with 1 little girl. <br />
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I want to do so many things, forgot how, do not know how anymore, lost confidence . Meeting someone love too but..... the fear the trust etc...