Dont Know What Is Happening In My Life

Hi, i was just typing i am lonely in google search just like that, and got this one.
I am new to this site, but i find it good to share my feelings here.
I am 24yrs old, i live in India. I dint know what is happening in my life, i feel so lonely, i left my job,all my friends are busy in their world,i am all alone
Sometimes i feel why am i alive? For whom i have to be alive?
My best friend is getting married, i have to be happy,but i am not happy for him. I feel insecure,dont know why. I will be having no one to share my feelings
because he will be busy with his wife. i know am thinking very stupidly. He is like a brother to me.
I dont have proper job, i dont have a person to share my feelings, i dont have anything in my life to be happy with.
Deepiya Deepiya
22-25, F
8 Responses Sep 3, 2011

These are difficult moments that you cross for the moment. Especially courage does not lose trust. We have all sometimes complicated situations in the life.<br />
It is necessary to remain upright and not to be let discourage. :)

I thank everyone for your support. Now i am experiencing a mixture of feelings, one side my best friend is getting married and sharing all his happiness with me,i am happy for him but on the other end i am feeling lonely, donno wat all goin on in my heart. Sometimes i feel that i am thinking wrong :( Am i wrong?

no!! I am feeling like this for a long tym. evr1 around me are getting married me I am alone. I feel terrible about my boring and painful lyf.

I understand..... people get married or move on with their lives and sometimes its difficult to deal with it. You should try to meet new people and make friends. Maybe try and catch up with some other old friends. It will get better.

i have been on here for quite awhile and have a lot of friends who are here if i need them for anything. I feel sad for you and would l love to be a friend to you when you need some one to talk to are some one just to listen to you. Please add me. :)

I understand how you feel,i felt the same way when i found this website,and since then writing stories and confessions and talking to others on ep,things have changed,they feel like friends,people that understand.and are always there and so understanding.<br />
I hope you find peace and happiness,i wish you the best,

hii,,,felt sad to hear the same story

hi!! I also was googling today and found this site and joined a sometime ago before u!! <br />
so nice to read a similar story! I live in bangladesh and will love to be ur friend.

ouch!......sorry to hear ..hope u enjoy ep!