Does Facebook Help

So lately I posted a simple comment on facebook about how my hubby does not take enough pictures of me and received an overwhelming response in my circle. 
Sometimes people dont like other people getting attention I guess that was the case with my former college who actually liked my comment and then later on started blaming me about how i should and should not deal with my financial situation. 

For people it is easier said oh you are not happy in a relationship you should get out of it but the financial implications that it has has to be dealt with the two people in the relationship.  And my very best friend whom i have helped during her crisis was talking to me like she knew exactly what to do. 

I kept telling her that i am ok but she wanted to take it all out not just that she even told her fiance. I am ok with her saying things but why would she do that. 
I know from personal experience that people find unimaginable joy when they see other couple fighting or breaking up for whatever reason cause they are still together and can then tell themselves well we fight but our relationship is not as bad as hers.  Seriously...........

I am firm believer in karma and whenever anyone comes to me which as lot of people do i give them advise that will help them not just say something cause to make them feel better.  And after that when something like this happens it hurts it really does... 

Once again the world is bad blah blah blah never trust anyone just keep to yourself take care of yourself and everything we already know is thrown at our face. 

I singed off and removed myself tired of the bullshit.  Tired of people talking only when they see you as socially acceptable creatures and that too coming from someone who had a **** load of relationship issues and now she suddenly became an expert cause she is engaged and i am the one who doesnt have brain cause i am married for 3 years and heading for an upcoming seperation followed by a divorce. 

Life is sucky but at these times you can tell if people are your true friend or they just say things for the heck of it. 

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