Christmas For The Homeless

I have been lonely lately to the point of coming to a website to share stories and feel apart of other peoples lives a personal part. Where right infront of me I already have a personal role in other lives. I work and volunteer at a mission that helps many men, women and families each day. I found that over time I have become indifferent to their lives, thinking about myself, how lonely I am without someone to come home to, to share my experiences with and theirs with me. I am beginning to wake up from that self pitty. There are so many in need and I talk to many each day sharing my own experiences, hopes and dreams listening to their hopes and dreams of the future. Some of them have more heart, soul and spirit than I have ever had, looking at life with joy when they have nothing. I started this with a passion to help others, it is time to get back there. I am going to a homeless Christmas party in a couple of hours where I know smiles will abound, how can I feel sorry for myself? Thank you for listening David
DavidLC DavidLC
46-50, M
Dec 15, 2011