More Lonely Now Than Ever

I really thought that when I got married I would stop feeling this overwhelming sense of loneliness.  It doesn't seem to matter who I am with or what is going on, the reality of life is that I am alone, that I can only ever depend on Me to be with me forever.  I don't like this!

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1 Response Apr 15, 2008

It is harder for some people to be be alone then others. I think you need to give in to the fact that you will always be with you and learn to love that person. I find it helps to have some hobbies or activites you can do alone. For me one is reading. It can be a great escape.<br />
I was also told to think of the child in myself and treat her gently. Now when I am feeling something I don't like, I think how would I help a child get through this and act accordingly.<br />
Just my thoughts.