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I'm agoraphobic and haven't accomplished anything in my life other then isolate myself. I have zero friends, some family that "puts up" with me, but at a price. I'm a decent person, never get into trouble, wouldn't start any. When moods are good "i live here", when moods are bad i'm a "door mat". So tired of people who feel good about themselves because they can step on others or think life is right because they know there doing better. Yeah, sometimes i'm angry and wish i wasn't a light weight, but if I wasn't i'd still be me. Going to move forward and find someone special heading that way.
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How limiting is your agoraphobia ? I'm in the same boat as you and have been on and off since I was 11 but I try to increase my "comfort zone". I never got my driver's license as a result of it though and I find that further restricts me. It's difficult not feeling like you are living a failed life and are a burden on others when you have a condition like agoraphobia (even if you keep it to yourself) because we are independent people but have a condition that restricts us from living the life we want to. Know thought that it is a common phobia to have and we can work on it so that we improve - maybe not to the same independent level as someone who has never suffered from it but certainly so that we can start enjoying our lives a bit more. It just takes a bit of work from our side - I know, that's the hard part isn't it :). Hang in there. Take baby steps at your pace.

hello, I don't have a drivers license either. Good to know we can improve :)

Thank You:)

i know how you fell :(


Hi, sorry I'm broke. I hope your okay. Be really safe.