Most of the Time I Dont Think ...

most of the time i dont think anyone understands me
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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yes I'll pray for you .

yes ill pray for you !!

better to start understanding your self, so once you get that, means you get intouch with the way you interpret your environment, that makes you realize may be people are understanding you but you just think that they dont.

That's great, me too... Nobody understands me but I still try to share myself with others... :-)

As kirenS says, you should show how you feel, speak your mind, it's okay to be weak but achieving to overcome will feel better than staying lonely.<br />
<br />
Its like a pain that hurt a bit when being with them and it hurts more to be without them so working together to overcome situation seems less painful.<br />
<br />
I wish you the best

I think everyone feels like that at least once I feel like that right now so do some of my friends but i just think that we havent found someone that understands us yet and maybe thats why we've come here to express ourselves because no one asks us "how was your day " or "what do you think or "how do you feel" all my life Ive been there for everyone I know not once being listened to and so ive found this place.It seems like no one understands because well no one really bothers to I think.........but thats just me i guess

yes ill pray for you !!!

People will never understand you unless they have been through what you've been, but what matters is that you have friends and family who at least try, don't throw that aside because that may be the only acceptance you may ever receive, it will also help to find unique and friendly people who do know what it feels like, for example me, don't give up hope and you will find that person who really and truly understands you


I often feel the same way.<br />
If you ever wanna talk message me.<br />
You are not alone when it comes to this, seriously.

It is not important that everyone understands you. You are in control here.

loneliness kills it all. my friendships never last long... perhaps i am just alone? not lonely?

Hardly anybody understrands anybody.

maybe you just dont understand yourself, learned it the hard way

If You wont people To understand You.. you need to show themm what Your Likee.. and what you thinck like. What i mean is Show people how You feel soo then they can understand You.

I feel the same way, sorta like you are alone in a crowd!

I have the same feeling.

do you think they don't understand<br />
but later feel they some<br />
do feel

I make attempts to understand myself and others as much as possible. <br />
I communicate when I need to to make myself understood.<br />
If people don't understand after I've gone that far, It doesn't bother me too much. <br />
What should I do ? Stand on my head ? I don't think so.

...*hugs*...sometimes I wonder if people just dont want to understand

you're not alone starstruck, most of my friends and others don't understand me either, or, who i really am. It's just because we are unique that people don't understand, but aslong as you know yourself and there are others like you you'll never be alone.

Maybe it's because you are not explaing the stuff.

it's just what we thought.there's plenty of it.