I'm Horny.

I know this one girl. We know each other for 2 years now. In last few months we started to flirt and kissing. Problem is.. I'm really horny when I'm next to her. Sometimes we would watch TV together and we would be hugged. Truth is: I'm thinking a lot about having sex with her.. should I tell her that?
We are not "boyfriend and girlfriend",we are more like "friends with benefits"... also,I respect her a lot and I like her. I'm also feeling lonely a lot of time. I don't have any friends so.

What should I do? Tnx.
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I would say,next time you kiss her and talk with her,tell her how you feel. :) Good luck!

Just have fun with her. If you do have sex with her I'm sure it'll just happen naturally if you've got that kind of connection. There's nothing wrong with sharing your feelings with her but tell her with a mix of sensitivity, mystery and humour. Otherwise just accept that you two just don't have a sexual connection and the benefits you're going to get are her friendship and that you get to share time with a beautiful girl, which is something extremely special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't think with your ding a ling, yes I know it's err hard......

How can you be "friends with benefits" if you are not having sex?<br />
<br />
Do you want more than sex with this girl? Why not communicate what you both want out of a relationship so there is no misunderstanding. Also, regardless of what a girl will say, sex usually changes things. It's not true in all cases, but guys are mainly recreational while girls are relational. In other words, we want a relationship. It's a lot easier for a guy to have sex, then walk away and go..."That was fun, what else can I do fun now?" But, the girl will think..."We're a couple now."