I Went Out With Everyone From ...

I went out with everyone from work on fri night! n i hated it! i felt like an outcast n so lonely even though i was sat with 3 of my mates n talking to them the whole time i just felt like i wasnt wanted there!

I always feel lonely n it gets me down alot! even though i know people are always there for me n care about me etc but i just cant help it!!!
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You should also be aware of feeling excluded if because people are ignoring you or because you are not participating.

I feel somewhrereinlalaland. Exactly my sentiment...nicely put.

Maybe you are better as a one on one person? Maybe you expect too much and need to give yourself some time, the more you expose yourself to these situations the better you get at it. I know this because I feel the same way. I am an introvert trying to be more sociable because I get so lonely. I make myself go out and over time I get better at it. I'm still an introvert and easily get over shadowed by more boisterous personalities but I am a work in progress and so are you.

I to have lonelyness my problem is I can stay up for a long time,as long as I think,things are going to get better.It is like a gas tank as long as I have gas,witch would be me thinking,positive, my problem is I am the only one in this house that has any get up and go!<br />
Sometimes I get down and want to run away.I will give my self a good talking to and say that it is stupid,where are your brains.Then I will try to act like I am ok, but deep in side I am not ok!I am sick and tired of it!

i usually feel the same, despite of the people around me i still feel lonely, what i usually do is to reflect what is the cause of my loneliness and try to work with it as soon as there is an opportunity.

I am too alone. but trying my level best to be happy. last night i sited with 2 of my friend but i felt so lonely that i couldn't tell.

It seems to me that its not about the way others feel about you...its how you feel about yourself...you dont seem to value yourself...you are special, worthy, amazing...

look dont worry aboout company worry about getting urself a gf and dats its

life is crap sometimes just be you and not be always trying to fit someone elses perception of you ! take care

I use to be like that, an outcast. I was like that until I almost turned 40. I always felt I didn't belong in any group in high school. Then I worked for Hickory Farms just before I turned 40 and I don't know weather the age thing changed me or the job that I had was too boring. I had to lease line, sample food out in front of the store. I stood there with a mound of 3LB beef sticks behind me and a cooler in front of me with cut up beef sticks to sample out. I didn't get too many customers to come up to me. I thought of the circus saying step right up part. I put little beef sticks on toothpicks and stepped away from the cooler and said step right up and try out beef sticks, you can cook them, freeze them and I just kept going on and that's when people came up to try it. I was sooooo emarrassed doing that but it worked. I did that every day and started feeling that I was not an outcast anymore. People enjoyed what I did and it sure helped the store a lot. Now I don't care how embarrassed I get, because I still do feel it at times, but I don't feel bad about myself anymore.

three mates is better than none!

Express yourself, smile sometimes look at women.

signs of lonelyness is a hint for you to get married and begin a new life :P

lol- erm do you really believe that?

hi im feeling ya i no exactly what u mean im lonely aswel and aparantly im beautiful and have a great personality but it dont seem to get my anywere im lost

Me too - and I have a cat so that is not a cure all.

Even though at times we may feel alone we never really are. I come from a family of 11 siblings and believe me I get lonely. I figure its because your identity becomes lost among people who may have a bigger personality or more to say. I can relate. My advice is dont hang out with anyone you wouldnt want to go on a vacation with.


i know how you feel. sometimes talking or changing the subject might help. but i have found that im just in the wrong group. also you may just feel this way and it isnt true. make your own party. we only are happy from inside us. if they leave then you know you were in the wrong group. my best friends are those in my head. lol

You're just constipated. Take a damn laxative.

(>'.')> go to church

Yep souloftheether- the way you put it was kinda perfect- When majority of people are sweating the little stuffs..or moan about some crap (man I hate moany people)- I feel real out of place--but I just turn it around and throw in a couple of remarks- in a nice way like 'get over it'- in a way that doesn't cause offense or make whatever boring crap their talking about interesting somehow. I started to do this cause I hated feeling left out- I treat all these encouters as creative challenges- sounds selfhelp bookish but it works for me.

I used to feel like that a lot. Most of it comes from seeking validation from other people. That is a cause of insecurity- in other people. Even though others are around you, you still feel lonely.

I have always felt that way my whole life. I think the INFP comment is helpful, it fits.<br />
http://www.personalitypage.com/INFP.html<br />
<br />
Despite feelings of separation, and not being understood by others, and feelings that other people are generally conformist barbarians, simple and brutish... <br />
you should build and nurture as many friendships as possible. Relationships really are the most important thing in life, despite the feelings that may come from being introverted, it is worth the effort. I wish someone had convinced me of that earlier in life.


I feel your pain.It has happened to be countless times before.<br />
I give you a big hug......

Sazead, I know how you feel. When you are alone you feel lonely. When you are with others you still feel lonely. For me it is the huge difference between myself and those around me that creates my loneliness. I take very little solace in those around me. Numanoid is also right- the small, even petty things people have to worry about don't seem important. Empathy is difficult to achieve when your fr<x>ame of reference is so different. The minor problems they complain of can be so trivial that it is difficult to take them seriously and so I know I feel alone.

I know exactly how you feel! Whenever I am out at dinner with my wife's family especially her sons and daughters I feel so out of place. All they do is complain about their kids, each other, or their ex boyfriends..etc and I AM SCREAMING INSIDE TO GET OUT OF THERE!!


I am the same way I feel alone even when I am around a lot of people. but my loneliness it weird. when im alone I want someone around and when I am around people I feel uncomfortable and want them to leave. I feel the pain.

I know how that feels. Im sorry you are loney. Heres a hug for you.

If the cat thing didn't work, then maybe you just need a good ********. Maybe that will help.

I actually have 3 cats!!! oh my god do you think im slowly becoming the crazy cat lady???

What you need is a good cat.