Incredibly Lonely

I'm 27 years old. I have a two year old son and am 11 weeks pregnant.  I am incredibly lonely. I moved to washington, dc from new york to be with my boyfriend and I feel like it was the worse decision that i've ever made. he's never home. and when he is home, he's always on the phone. we never spend anytime together, we never go out, we hardly even have sex. I've told him on numerous occasions how unhappy I am and he doesn't seem to care. He thinks that if a got a job, I would meet more people and feel better.  But, I would feel better if he paid more attention to me.  He used to be so crazy in love with me, now, I feel like if I left he wouldn't care. And I don't know what happened. We talked about marriage and now that I'm pregnant, I mentioned it again, and he said that he wants to wait at least a year because he's not sure if I am going to stick around, really? I was the one who moved five hours away form my friends and family. I'm pregnant. And I have a two year old. where does he think I am going?  its very frustating, he doesn't bring me around his friends or family. I don't feel love or wanted and i'm trapped here.  
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run as fast as you can, back into the arms of the people who love you.

I feel like I am talking to my daughter..LITERALLY . . . but my heart just wants to take you and hold you because I can feel every inch of your pain. I see my daughter in you, yes, but I also see me. . . So i guess what I am saying is that unhappiness can become a pattern. In the end , we have only one person to look back on , only ONE person in which the decision to stay or to go.....or even to decide where you are going to be one year from now or even a few weeks. The longer we hang onto a habit, be it good OR bad, the longer it is to tear ourselves away<br />
<br />
Lets work on this quest together. There are so many people not just in the world but RIGHT HERE in EP who walk your road<br />
You have THREE people to think about and two of them depend fully on Y . O. U. <br />
Big responsibility , isnt it? To think two lives completely depend on everything you do..every decision you make........

Sweetie, you're expecting someone else to make you happy. And I get it... I do. But nobody wants to be around a mopey mush mouth, ya know? (I just made that up.) You do need to get out; either out more or out of there completely. But happiness comes from within us.... and when he feels like you've been sitting around all day just waiting on him to come home and entertain you? He's not going to be attracted to you. Remember, you've got hormones in play. Go find a mommy and me class with your toddler; or some activity that's just yours; that you look forward to. If you perk up, he might too.