I Am Always Alone...just By Myself </3

I live with my family and they are always fighting nd they are strict like hell... My stepmother is the one that raised me I love her so much I even call her mum.. but she lies alot for stupid things.. and I feel that she loves my brother who is her real son more than she loves me.. and I feel so lonely cz I cn never talk to anyone at home and whenever we try t talk we end up fighting... We used to have great moments before we were so close.. but now evthg seems to be nothing but a lie... I dont trust her anymore...although I rly love her and I rly want her to love me just like she wd love her real daugher...thats wt she promised me before lomg time ago... My friends all left for univ and I stayed home and I have noone to talk to...I wake up with my family problems and then sleep thinking about them and I feel soooooooooo lonely! O DAMN LONELY!
Lanadg Lanadg
Feb 23, 2012