Always Empty

I always feel empty. Like I am all alone. Like no-one feels the same. My paretents cant feel the emptiness, I dont think i could have enough friends to fill the emptiness, I cant fill the emptiness. People care about me and they show they do but for some reason its just not enough. I wounder to myself if i had a bf would that emptiness go away. I think the answer would be yes. Why? Because i feel happy when i am looking after someone, feeling appreciated. I crave affection and intamacy. If I dont have some kind of intamacy I vision it in my mind and how bad I want it. Even if its just a hug, kiss or a hold of a hand. I have always been this way but at school always had this need met. Sometimes I wonder if i should go out with someone that isnt that into me just to see if i can be furfilled or if i will always feel so alone.

zombiegirl zombiegirl
1 Response May 1, 2008

hey zombiegirl,<br />
I wrote a story in this "experience" page a couple of days ago. 8 months ago I'd say we were viewing this the same way, that maybe that special someone can fill up your life. I was feeling so empty even though I had lots of friends that cared for me. I have found someone who cares about me and thinks I am the world. BUT do you want to know something? I actually think it is important to learn to get your own two feet back on the ground, appreciate everything you have and be a stable person before pursuing in a relationship, if you want to be in a successful relationship you should be someone that can be loved. So think of this as an investment. The more you love life and who you are the more successful your future relationships can be. Me and my boyfriend were fighting every week because of how demanding I was and for all the emotional support I was expectingf from him, and I regret hurting him all the time, he was putting everything into the relationship and I didnt appreciate it as much as I should of. Right now wer taking a break because I have realised how important it is to become independent and have control of my own life, love myself, to make a relationship work. I'm here to talk if you need me. <br />
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If you want my opinion (u dont need to agree with it) a boyfriend is not the solution to your problems, be the person you want to be, be a happy person! And your attraction level will increase ;)