Hmmmm... Here I Go

My story..... I should be happy with what I have but I keep on thinking there is more To life than just being content. Does anyone want to go sell coconuts on the Beach. Is it normal to think your life should be filled with passion.
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4 Responses Mar 10, 2012

oh goodness, dont tell her you feel like you "settled". that would end it, unless she's just an emotional wreck. then she would just go bat-**** crazy on you. either way i dont think you should keep settling. its ok in westerns b/c not alot of people were out west in the 1800's. its not ok now-a-days though. people wanna feel special. thats why we get with other people. b/c they make us feel better. and you not feeling that/it, makes me think you should do what it is that you have been denying yourself. though i also, and b/c this is anonymous, feel like i should put a disclaimer on this comment. just in case...<br />
thanks XOXO!

If you were content, you would not think there was more to life. It's plain to see that you are not content. Why don't you follow your passion?

You are right, I am not content but settling. She is a great person, but she just is not passionate.

Then you really have to give this some thought. Do you really want to JUST settle for something, and look back in 5, 10, 20, years, and just settled for the status quo instead of following your passion. I don't know who "she" is, but I would not want to be with someone who ONLY settled for me. It's not fair to her either.

So what would you do.

There is more and passion makes everything better!