The Lonely Soul

i had friends all my life if you can call them friends all my friends stolening or lied to me i have always try to be a good friend and good person and help them i have went out of my way to help them and they all left me alone knowing i had no one but them am i a bad person that no one want to be around me get to no me yes i am a dreamer i want the best friendse ever someone that will be there for me someone that i can be there for the good and the bad i feel like im all wrong that maybe im not mint to be here right now i meant whats that poit of going thorough life feeling alone when you try to do everything right maybe im just not enough i mean come on what can someone really say to you when you tell them you have no friends and you cant make friends and you feel all alone what are they going to be your best friend no it dont work that way because no metter what the say or what the tell you there not you and the end of the day when it all washes away your still going to be alone
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2012

friends. yeah i think of that song "Friend is a four-letter word", you know the one. and i do. i dont think that many of them are worth it. i had a 3 hour discussion on how i am basically scared to commit in relationships and lots of stuff that focussed on the interpersonal relationships i've had in my life on Sunday. while it was raining cats and dogs. it was just a perfect day. rainy and just cold enough for a jacket without much wind. i love days like that.<br />

Yes hang in there.If they left you when you needed them then they were not true friends in the first place.The problem is not with's with finding good friends.keep trying i am sure you will have great friends..good luck :)

Hang in there when the right friends come it would be worth it, it takes time to find the right things and persons in our lives but i believe it would be worth it. Hang in there.