I Was Very Happy Being Single.. Not Now.

I was so happy to be single after a bad marriage ended in seperation. I made my own choices, didn't have to worry about anyone except the kids. Then my seperated from husband died. That was a loss because we had become friends... in a way. Wer shared alot of our life together.
I went out with a guy that I din not even like at first. He inserted himself in my life an I liked him. Then he broke up with me.. I saw it coming and actually see that he was wrong for me for a number of reasons.
But now I am back to being all alone. With the kids of course. I am sad and lonely. Now I want what I don't have. I am happy for people who are in ggood relationships but I don"t think I will ever have one. I will just die alone and early. I hardly see much reason in living once the kids are grown.
I am not stupid, ugly, mean, anything. Why am I destined to never have anyone and always be alone?
cemev cemev
31-35, F
Mar 13, 2012