Hi. Iam Lonly.

iam lonly livin in my campavan in wales. i work as a lorry drver yer. well lets go back. i wos it a 7yaer reltionship in that 7 yaers we had two children. then. thingis turnd sower. she made up storyes to have me lockt up inprisond taken to crun court to be not gillty. she wontid me . out ov her & her new patner. hom cant have eny children. so thay have a nice lil family. i wos havin accsess for cash. yer £ 40 a few houers sat sun . then weeks whent by like this then i askt her for her bank pay in from my bank to hers so its acountid for as she cant say i ent payd up keep. at a later date. she text me NO CASH NO KIDS. that wos two yaers ago. ent ceen or yerd no more. ( losst lonly. only my job keeps me sine..
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That's sad I feel sorry for that was ruff if she didn't wana be with u at least she could of said it in a nicer way and not be rude as he'll that's just a plain bicht sorry but u can find better fishes in the sea then that huny

It just take time thou but u find the right one for u sum day sweety

so sorry for you hun

i also have two kids that i cannot see, when my x left me and then got with someone else my whole life felt like it had fallen apart. i had lost my partner of ten years, my only children, my home and my job , this was about 14 years ago now, i have seen my children since then ( not through their mother, i met them through my other children that my new partner and i have toghether) its a small world ,they were at the same i school.<br />
.now i have a life again ..i have been with my partner for almost 13 years now we have 3 great kids( two boys that are pains in the ar**, lol and a girl who is very stroppy) i have been in a stable home and job since i got with her...............when i split with my x , i could see no future the world was empty.. but now its all bright...<br />
<br />
Everyone wants happiness <br />
Nobody wants pain<br />
But how can you have a rainbow<br />
Without a little rain

I know the feeling. I'm divorced and have three kids and one granddaughter. I was luckier than you guys in that I got to see mine every other weekend and half the holidays. Now my son is 18 he spends a week with me and a week with her. My eldest lives next door to me with her other half and my granddaughter. My youngest girl is still on the original visitation.

When we split 11 years ago my life fell apart and so did I. It took years to get back to some sort of life. I suffer from a mental illness called servier depressive anxiety disorder. So It's still hard.
I unlike you have been on my own ever since. So lonlyness is a constant struggle for me. I'm glad you came out of it well. I still not given up hope if finding someone though.

HEY....! Life is short and it's NEVER to late to pick up the pieces, you need to try and keep your chin up, I know, from other life experiencies how tough things can be when you get slapped in the face, but you can do it, ask any of these nice people on here and I bet any one of them can tell you a story about a part of their own lives where they have been nocked right down, but then eventually have got back up and turned a new corner...Keep your chin up...!<br />
Kind regards Dave xx

thanks for u coms x ))))))))))).

Hon, things can get better. You have to plan ahead, get your life up on an even keel again, and then get some access to your kids once more. If she ob<x>jects, get a lawyer. If you want them, you will have to fight for them, but they and you will be better for it. Even unemployed you can get legal aid to get a court order to grant you access.

That s women for you mate.sorry it happen to you.but i no how it feels

lol, you are now a brownie. and you must now make your pet wear a rat head cap.<br />
staying positive is good for all sorts of things. just try and picture something better and set a goal. then break that goal into do-able stuff.<br />