Making friends is hard. Life is hard. Being In college i am lonely most of the time. its sad actually. sometimes i don't care that im alone. i just listen to my music that takes me to another place, but other times, i look at everybody in their groups and i ask myself whats wrong with me. obviously there's something wrong with me. i just am not able to able myself to join these people. sometimes it gets to me terribly and i just cant wait to go home to my solitariness. i even wonder if there truly is someone out there for me. someone who will bring out the best in me and to be there for me. ya just wanted to share that
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no dont feel bad on that everyone is unique and im sure somehow you just feel ackward meeting people or approaching them try to be a member of anything that interesting for you or perhaps do some volunteer work im sure people will notice that and you will have alot of friends that way people will understand that your reaching out and im sure alot would admire you for that.

I'm trying to get into societies and stuff but its still very awkward. I appreciate your comment though and i'll keep on trying :)

i get it it is very difficult to be lonely i also encounter such situations various times but i try defending them i cannot take it that others are in group and i am alone i try to go in thier group or i just go towards my old friends with whoever they are talking i also try to mix with them i also talk sometimes with people who bully me at least it takes me away from loneliness because it is a disease it leads me to knew more people i have the least friends in school but i am least lonely when i am in my institute i show people i am busy by talking on mobile or receiving and sending msg i dont mean to be rude but i suggest go and try talking because it looks very awkward a person alone try making friends with teachers do something creative you can also defend loneliness by making friends in social world you can befriend me if you want have friends with strangers go to these all helps a lot

Its like I'm reading about me or something! I totally get what you're going through! Don't worry, college will end and you'll be somewhere else in a few years! You might just thrive in a new environment! Specially if you take it upon yourself to change this image of yours wherever you go next - this image of a shy person that you have of yourself! Gain the confidence to not care what people might say, and have the courage to do what your heart tells you to do!

there is nothing wrong with you at all. Lots of people get lonely and stay lonely. Sometimes going out and admitting your lonely can bring some new faces in your life. There are plenty of people who would want to talk to you and help you. Im the kind of person who loves meeting new poeple and there are a lot of ppl like that you just gotta find them. Best of luck :) if you need somebody ill be here :)

Loneliness is a terrible disease with hardly a true cure. Me I continue to be lonely but now I have a little more time with people now that I talk in social groups. I am still lonely but I am starting to accept it. I am willing to be a friend if you will allow it.

I live far away from family and no one I know in this area ever contacts me. They don't return my calls or texts. I want to remove them from FB but I hold out hope that people care.

I care. i am also alone within my own crowd.

It isn't you- it's the modern capitalistic, materialistic, disposable society we live in. I am real, I'm more than just willing to be your friend. i will listen to you, I will respond to you and I will never assume that what makes me happy or sad must also be the same for you. The people who don't accept you, will not accept anyone- to them people are a shelf product that eventually gets used up or expires. I was raised by people who grew up with the "radio shows" being the only entertainment other than entertaining each other- now the trends are to entertain oneself rather than others- so the whole capitalist world becomes totally bored. There are better people out there, but like you, I and those who have commented on this post, they are isolated by their differences. Don't change for popularity's sake. Instead, find others online more like yourself, and eventually one will move closer to the other, online friends can become close friends, and close friends can become family. This is all that I can do, for me. And its the best I can do for you. Don't blame yourself for the lack of good taste expressed by the mindless majority- society is governed by mob mentality. Society acts from blindness.

Sorry girl. I have the same loneliness issue. I've been in college for 2 years now, and still haven't managed to keep a friend. It has a lot to do with my depression and my unwillingness to really do anything for myself. I want friends. I can talk to people. But I get so sad, so often; I don't do anything productive and am embarrassed if someone (like a potential friend) is witness to my juvenile behaviors. <br />
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Also, the point of having friends is not to use them. I know what you meant when you said "someone who will bring out the best in me and to be there for me", but the point of friendship is not having a friend, but BEING a friend to someone. You understand there is a difference. You have to be willing to be a friend, before you can make any friends.