From Mr. Popular To Mr. Lonely

there was a time when i would never come online...
i had dozens of friends, and i would b busy partying for entire days and nights.. hot girls would themselves approach me.. boys wanted to be like me... my colleagues always copied what i did (the way i talk, my dressing sense, even my hairstyle)... i was successful at everything i did.. i used to think i am very really lucky... i thought i am 'Mr.Popular'.

And one night something happened that changed my perception forever. That one incident made me realize that none of these people who keep running around me are truly bothered about me... they are all here just for money and fun.
i realized i dont have a single friend.
whenever i was in need... not even a single person would turn up. not even the girl who called herself my girlfriend and promised that she would support me "no matter what"

since then i have lost faith in love, friendship, relationships... everything.
i dont trust anyone at all.
i stay alone at my home all the time n i have disconnected every single person put of my life.
today i am lonely.
i dont miss any of those fake people... but i feel bad that once i was talk of the whole town n now i dont even have a single person whom i can call a true friend- someone who would understand me, someone who lifts me when i am down, someone who is there if i need him.
someone i can just talk freely to.

today i just sit alone, n all i have is me and my loneliness.

from mr. popular to mr. lonely... this was my experience.
TheLoneWalker TheLoneWalker
22-25, M
3 Responses Mar 22, 2012

Just 1 real friend is better then a million fake friends. so i would be happy there out of my lives and i can find some one who truly is my friend. look at the positive sides of it. :)

I am sorry for this Lone it is not an easy lesson to learn about the shallowness and fakness of some people , unfortunately I think many have learned this lesson. But as I read this I couldnt help but hope that you take this lesson as something positive as well.<br />
Now you have a comparison , now you know what to look for to make true friends , and when you do make a true friend you will appreciate them much more than before I think.<br />
<br />
My friend we cannot really appreciate beauty unless we have been in the presence of true ugliness ... we cannot appreciate the good unless we have been touched by the bad .<br />
<br />
I wish you peace and love *hugs*

aww i'm really sorry to hear that, atleast you've found out now that those people are fake and you now have the chance to make more meaningful relationships with people. it's better you found out whilst your still young and dint go through the rest of your life having friends who were fake. i hope that you make some true friends, those who will always be there for you, just because you lost your friends doesnt mean you should stop going out and doing what you enjoy, just be more wary of people and their intentions

That doesn't mean everyone is "fake". That just means you need to work harder to find the genuine people out there. Once you find the people who are the real 'friends indeed," you do your best to hold onto them like. You also need to realize that everyone has their own lives people only have so much to give.