Feeling Alone

i have so many around me but still i feel alone i watch movies i go to parties then attend weddings but still i feel alone and i feel that there's something missing in my life and i need to find out whats that but how can i find out whats that missing they are so many around me who make me laugh and make me cry and make me mad even after that i feel alone i feel that nobody cares for me in this world and i think they dont need me but i cannot leave them i dont wont to be alone i need them sometimes i hate the word lonely it makes me feel very lonely in real life but i know that i should need to move on and i should stop thinking that im lonely but the people around me behave in such a way they laugh at me they never take any ideas which i share with them they think that im useless they never talk to me but if there's some work and they know that i can do that work then jus dont ask the behaviour of the people towards me will automatically change they start loving me but once they finish the work they jus forget me again they make me feel that they dont need me and i feel that im lonely again now you tell me how can i come out of this
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22-25, M
3 Responses Apr 1, 2012

Feel exactly the same way at times :( infact feeling that way right Now :;<br />
message me if you need Someone to talk to

What do you mean by "the people around you"? Are they friends or just colleagues? If they are your friends, then try to make new friends. And if they the latter, get used to that.

You are not alone in feeling lonely. We all feel that way sometimes. It sounds like you have some people in your life that use you for what they want, then when they don't need you, they don't care. There are people in the world who will be your friend and not just because you can do something for them, but just because you're you. Keep looking...you'll find people like this...because they are out there. You just have to widen your view a little bit I think. I'm giving you this advice, and at the same time giving it to myself. It has helped me to realize that I am not the only one that feels lonely...there are so many that do. That thought does make it a little better. Good luck to you:)