Been Lonely For Years Too I Meet??? But

i been lonely for years n years i never grow up with no one everone in my family grow up with bro n sis i have to olders sister but there did there only thing been lonely am a very shy person not easy for to up to people just start talking not not me quite n lonely i got used to it that my life been to i meet my cousin she real nice all my bdays i wish for someone i could hang out with me...???? but it lie am still lonely i guess am cousin dont tell want to talk too me that much no more we used to talk alot n now dont know what happen guess i told her to much i never had someone to talk to but even i still think about my cousin but still feel soo lonely even win with may family it feel like am the black sheep of the family your friend shyspidergirl/lonely girl
shyspidergirl shyspidergirl
26-30, F
1 Response Apr 4, 2012

I would like to be here for you to talk with if your interested in talking.