Just So Alone!

i am alone always every day, i do not work i sit on internet all day. i do have a man that loves me we do not live together , but i go over and stay with him, even when i am with him i feel alone , there is so much going of in his life, i do envy him but i love him and appreciate he is in my life. i hate living where i live , my neighbour seems to have a full life people going round etc. i feel like lots is missing in my life when i see what her life is like. its horrible comparing myself to someone younger than me, i feel like life is fading away. i admit i have some social skill problems and i do not like to be around an awful lot of people. its great when i stay with my boyfriend its so quiet just me and him in our world, am sure lifes not that bad but sometimes it seems so. i am so lonely when i do not see him. i have lost touch with lots of people and just feel unwanted and like i have nothing to offer ,:-(
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am trying to think of things to say as i do not want to say the wrong things, as you seem mixed up about your life.you stay over at your boy friends and feel happy. but feel alone. when you home you feel alone, you must have your reasons why your not working.. but to feel alone is not nice. am on my own my ex spilt with me 2years ago and feel like no one wanted to no me i cut my self off would not go anywhere or meet anyone. till one day said to my self there is more to this life then sitting around feeling sorry for my self so got my *** up and went to the gym. and started going out. maybe you could look at doing something like that i nomit will not be easy but it will get you out and away from the internet thats going to be taking up a good part of your life.. am still on my own but do not feel alone. yes i would like to meet a nice girl one day but all in good time. start looking for friends you once had there still going to be around you can help your self to do that.. just get up and do it.. and it will work out for you,, am not sure if anything have said will help but am hoping it as.. so come on hun do it do it now,,,,, hug x

thankyou for the replies both of you, and lunaphant i know that feeling well but i guess i have a few people so thats okay but there are times when i feel noone is there and i am calling to the dark and noone cares. its hard to come out of my comfort zone , i have been hurt in many ways and do not desire people as much as i used to. you are right tho adhdchris finding something you are interested in is a good start and i do have lots of things i am interested in but prefer to do things alone. i do have my boyfriend we are very close . sometimes people are just better of with a few people they can trust, i do have that, i just compare myself too much to others and measure myself by what they have, in terms of people, i know its not healthy , its envy but what can i do , my life is this way. not many people stand by you. " a man of many companions comes to ruin , but there is a friend that sticks like a brother" quality rather than quantity, and my family are non-existent so i guess i would feel more balanced if my family were there for me , but sadly they are not, so you have to build on friendships etc but i still say there can only be two or three of those that stick by you . :-))

it's very difficult for those of us who enjoy solitude and don't have many close relationships. Loneliness comes with the territory. The hard part is taking the step into the unknown and putting yourself out there, out of your comfort zone. It can be done and it takes a lot of practice but don't give up. Find something your interested in and find people who have similar interests. Don't give up.

This is how i feel too. I want to scream/cry but there would be no No point.. who would hear..who would care.......nobody.