So Lonely

im 18 .idk why im even here typing this......but anyways love inlove with this beautiful girl named maria<3..i would die for her,i woud do anything for her.but i cant even compete with all the other guys.i hate ugly.evrything is ugly bout me..i hate living.i dont want to live anymore.but im too much of a coward to kill going crazy..i thought god cared but this pain is too much...loneliness kills.i never asked to be born. and if i woud have been asked i woud have said no.not like this,the way i look.....i always imagine ways i can a gun on my head.that i wish someone woud pull the trigger.i cant even look in the miror.I JUS WANT TO DIE.someone needs to kill me
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2 Responses Apr 14, 2012

i felt the same about everything u say except it will be a girl version <br />
im fat and ugly fell for a person that is hard to get <br />
i hate god create me to look this way, i hate my whole image <br />
and i always thought about how to die, i dont want to kill myself because i dont want to go to hell, but if hell dosent exist. i will kill myself right away<br />
because i dont worth to be born and to have the good things around me

u wouldn't die for her..... If you were capable of such feat, she and every other girl u wanted would be yours.... Trying too hard is extremely unattractive..... Which is what losers do since they cannot get any girl at all.. so they fall for the first one that comes along and with their actions make promises they can't deliver...<br />
<br />
<br />
If you want to impress her sign up to be a frontline soldier in the war for afghanistan.