I Just Don't Know What To Do Here.. Help Please!

Okay so I'm in a relationship with the guy, and we've only been dating for 3 months. But we see each other just about everyday. I'm really happy but there are some flaws.. He still talks to his ex and the were together for a long time, and I just have a really bad/sketchy feeling about her. From what iv'e been told about her i have every right to feel that way. But a few weeks ago he left his phone at my house and it went off a whole bunch of times within a few minutes so i looked to see what the hell someone wanted, it was his ex. She was mad because he wasn't texting her and she kept saying she missed him and loved him and that she wanted him to break up with me. 
When i asked him about it he said he doesn't have any feelings for her and he doesn't want to be with anyone but me. And that made me happy, and i was fine until a few days ago he said he was going to pick up his friend which was cool, i had to babysit anyway, i called him to ask him something and i heard a girl in the background, come to find out it was her..
I am really happy with him, i have never had a boyfriend that was nice to me all the time like he is. He is honestly the best guy any girl could ask for, but i don't know how to tell him i don't want him to talk to her anymore or hang out with her with out sounding controlling. Usually when im in a relationship i always hang out with my ex's and i usually don't care what my boyfriend says, but with him its different, iv'e been avoiding all contact with my ex's because i don't want to mess things up with him. and i think he should do the same in return.. I spend all my free time with him and I'm starting to have a lot of feelings for him and i don't want to end up getting pooped on in the end. I don't want to waste my time with something that is going to come back and bite me in the ***. Iv'e been hurt wayyy to many times and I would lile for it to not happen again..

So my question is, am i in the wrong here? should i say something or just forget about it? should i talk to him? and if so what should i say? 
I'd really appreciate some help.. :(
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He broke up with her because she cheated on him with his cousin. And thanks kid.. real supportive. :/ <br />
I talked to him and he said that he will only talk to her when im around, we go to concerts all the time because his friends are in a band and she sometimes goes to them, so im okay with that. But we are fine now. He said shes not worth the break up so hopefully he's telling the truth and he really means it because he means a lot to me.

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who broke it off, him or her. was their split amicable or did they become friends again after?, how far past is their relationship. you may chose not to have contact w x's, but have you told him of your choice. telling him may be a way of asking him to limit his contact w her. maybe gently let him know it bothers you, without letting it sound as a demand. not that it may even be necessary, but for your peace of mind<br />
<br />
relationships are (all ) built on past experience as well as trust. she is his part of his past & their relationship paved the way for yours.<br />
I wouldn't worry<br />
<br />
my last allowed friendships, but (&I loved her for this) was honest about her reaction to each. if she was uneasy, the solution was complete transparency. a year after she left, we were friends, & i could speak with her because I had spoken with her new beau & told him there were no intentions but that she was once my life & knows me. & yes, we each still had love, but the lust had gone. & trust was there<br />
<br />
i might ask myself things like<br />
* how long ago they "were"<br />
* does she have another<br />
<br />
maybe ask him to limit contact to public meetings etc, invite her over sometime (with her other). after witnessing them in close proximity, you may observe their habbits., who lokks @ who, etc. use that as a reason to "confess" your worries<br />
<br />
ima gonna stop now, if he cares about you, you shouldnt be so scared<br />
<br />
<br />
besides, your way cuter than her & u know it