I Am So Trapped & Lonely..

I have been betrayed by 3 extremely closed friends in my life.. They do not know each other.
The 1st 1 was smo who was afraid that I might leaked out her secrets & stuffs to the person she hates & likes but that person is my good friend..I tend not to get involved with them coz I do not want to make matters worse. However, she stabbed me in my back & unknowingly one day, I was outcasted by almost everyone in the class..it's only then I realised sth had been going on..
2nd person was smo I have known for 7 years. However, as time goes, she became hot tempered & talked behind many ppl..i thought it was just temporarily & sometimes she used hurtful words, I pretend I didn't hear. All along we were fine but suddenly she just need so much of my attention that I suffocated. Outing with colleagues I have to appear, whatever she said I had to side her in the group, missed call 20-30 times in an hour, she has to know about my stuff prior to anyone else, if I want to hang out she has to be the 1st I had to ask...failing to do so she will **** off. I still remember on my 21st birthday I was not feeling well she fed up that my friend who contacted me know that I was sick & told me rest as well as he would contact the rest about the postphone of the celebration. She pissed off & do not want to pick up my calls the following days. Few months later, she asked if we could get back as before. I was still unsure as she had hit my limit though I answer her at that time was time will heal, let nature take its course. After a few more months of cooling period, she suddenly send a message that she was unable to face me anymore, was very disappointed about me too, will break contact & deleted me from facebook friend list.
3rd one is a guy. Everything was fine.. Except one day he made a major mistake in our clique. He quarrelled with one of them (Guy A) and the other person (Lady A) against his act. He scolded the person as well. Words used are rather harshed to a lady. I was the one he called & he requested me to ask for him about 'end call' issue with Guy A (He ended guy A's call as he was consulting a doc but he called back & Guy A end call so he unhappy). Guy A did not answered me directly though I asked a few times so I quote word by word & repeated on the phone whatever Guy A said. I have no idea if Guy A got end call or not but he said he recognised it is hanged up on purpose as iphone 4 when people hang up your call will have a beep sound or sth. I duno. I'm adroid user. He concluded himself but when things turned ulgy, he said I feed him wrong info & he would never sabotage a person. He made people uninvolved to believe him & anti me. (On & off, he quarrel with more & more people for different issues...whoever dun follow his thoughts he stabbed them in their back.... sabotage me at work though not related to him at all...tell a contractor to throw rubbish, pump bike, carry umbrella for him.. people console him but he use those words against them behind their back.. borrow money forget to return still said to me angrily that I should remind him so he can return to me.. drink up all our standby coffees & teas, as well as canned drinks but refuse to top up......became a very strange person) There was a guy who had been very good friend with him for 2 years was shocked about how come he became like that too. He managed to get along with him as long as he don't step on his tail. As for me, I find it very difficult to even look at a person who do things beyond a human should do.....

I have lost faith in humans but somehow I still wish there would be someone out there in the world who do not see & claim good friends as a status & benefits but someone who is understanding and treat you right..
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I'll be your friend if you want.

Thanks..I appreciate ur kindness..

don't lose faith in human because you are also a human..you should always have faith in you...there are nothing like good and bad friends...people who are called friends should always be good..others are just people you know...i can understand what kind of friend you need...i also needed a friend like that a few weeks ago..i many people like that on EP...so don't worry..wait and you will get a friend like you wish...and i may be younger than you but talk to me if you need any help...and i will gladly be your friend if you want..

Thank you...I appreciate it.. I hope my day will come too. I'm glad to make new friends..