Stupid, Unsustainable, Irrational Established Institutions

I don't know if my anger and frustration have escalated in intensity year after year after year, or if I've maintained this level of rebelliousness, anger, frustration and mental pain throughout my whole life and that now it seems more acute just because I'm more aware of it. Being in college infuriates me beyond any words I can write down, because it is not a choice, just like schooling up until now hasn't been a choice. And you know what is it I want my life to be like? I would love to live in a nice fertile peace of land, near a river where I can take care and grow my own food with my family and take strolls through the wilderness in the mornings, hunt some game, play innocent games and eat and sleep peacefully. That all I want! And I can't have it because some greedy genius decided to create private property and say that land and resources can be owned! What the hell! I have to pay money to bloody sit in a peace of land! Are you kidding me! I've spent my whole life learning useless crap and now I have to spend the rest of my youth jammed in an institution just so that I can waste more time of my life working to earn a valueless piece of paper called money just so that I can pay someone that claims the property rights of the god given earth resources, so that I can have access to them! OMG Its so insane. I have nothing to do in my town, because the only recreational thing we have here is buying things we don't need. If you aren't going shopping in some shape or form, and you cook in your house, you have absolutely NOTHING to do. Its completely absurd. I don't care about buying things, what am I supposed to do then? I'm trapped in this stupid, fake, fictional, consumerist, capitalist, monetary system and agh!!!!!!!!! I don't care about money or owning anything or products, or any of this crap! But I have to impose on myself this fake will to make profit cause otherwise ill be swallowed by the mayority, and our stupid, unsustainable, inneficient, irrational., established institutions. Problem is, it has been next to impossible trying to fit in, because my mind just won't let me. Everything is so obviously stupid and irational. It hurts.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I resonate with what your saying quite a bit. I have almost felt the same way. Its like why can't we just live in a peaceful society where there is no ownership, everyone is <br />
free to live at peace, to contribute what they wish to contribute and to do what they wish with no "one" being better or worse and all of us being equal.<br />
<br />
I have alot of anger in my life as well with the way things are run and it has done<br />
nothing but make my life more miserable. I wish I could find more people like you that feel the same and have enough people to change the olds ways.