An Honest Gay Or Guy

i am still searching for that friend who can e there for me without any conditions probably thats why i prefer gays. at least they would non come to me for sex only.i know he ie there somewhere because i beleive in him. he just has to be an honest .true and a genuine guy coz girls can never be your true friends.
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26-30, F
2 Responses May 8, 2012

Drop me a note, i would be interested to get in touch with you and yes i am gay, will i be compatible with u ? Dont know..

A trust worthy friend is rare indeed and can be either straight or gay. What you are looking for is ome one who is realiable, honest and trust worthy. Some one who won't judge your every move but will be supportive and understanding. Never give up they are out there probaly needing your friendship as much as you need thiers. Drop me a line if you want to talk. I wish you the best.