Absent Parents

I have no clue of how to put this, as frankly I'm doing this on impulse.
My childhood was happy, I made good friends, did well in school. Aside from OCD, which I have coped with neatly, nothing has really been especially bad in my life.
I feel spoiled for feeling this way, but I am extremely lonely. I believe the reason why is because my parents are musicians and often dreamy, living in their own world etc. I really have an urgent desire to be taken care of, perhaps somebody who will listen dedicatedly to how I feel.
Even though I discuss my emotions with people - I am not shy by any means - I really need somebody who is not superficial. Somebody who does not judge my emotions however fragile they are. I remember crying the first 2 months at school, simply because there was so many new inputs and not a single person to understand how I felt. I felt out of place and very confused, for I did not know either why I cried so badly.
When I was 8-13 years old, I frequently had depressions. Even though medication helped a bit, I see now that what I REALLY needed was someone to understand that I was so sensitive that it sometimes became a burden for me.
Well, this is all for now, I will of course reply to other people's stories and try to help them the best I can.

GoethesApprentice GoethesApprentice
May 9, 2012