A Penny For Your Thoughts

Hey Lonely People We've just added a new section to our website called "Help the World". We would truly appreciate it if you would check it out and give us your opinions. Brutal honesty is encouraged. You can reply here to this post or you can just leave your comments on the website on the "Contact Us" page. The first time we asked for your feedback we got some great suggestions, most of which are now incorporated into the site. We're hoping you have a few more minutes to browse this new section.

You can reach it by going to our home page at www.AskingTheUniverse.net and then clicking on the "Help the World" picture in the middle of the page. When you reach that section we'd like to know if it explains itself well, if it actually works, and if you felt encouraged to click deeper into the section. By the way, I will resume posting again very soon. Most of my time lately has been devoted to creating the new section.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
AskingTheUniverse AskingTheUniverse
66-70, M
May 9, 2012