I Just Want To Be Loved

I am somewhat dating this guy, he is really nice, he calls me beautiful and loves spending time with me. It's only been a month of us dating and he has already told me that he loves me . I am not stupid in anyway an with that being said I know it is too early for feelings like that to even be developed, something is wrong with him. He says it so passionately as if we've been dating for years. I've never had any guy tell me that they loved me, and it feels so amazing to hear it. I know I should stop being so damn naive but I can't help it. The fact that someone would even consider loving ME is undescribable to me. I know I shouldn't say it back because I know it's not true, but this is the closest I've ever been to living out my fantasy of being loved. I know I don't want to hurt him, I genuinely care for him, so why can't I fake this love till it becomes what I need it to be. I'm really stuck right now. The logical part of me is telling me to STOP and let things go where they are suppose to go. But the obsessive side of me is telling me to jump for it.
TierraMirage TierraMirage
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3 Responses May 10, 2012

Nido is correct!! Great advice!

It's so hard not too. Obsession is something I've always been dealing with and it sucks because I know the reality of the situation(s) but I still go along with it, and am still surprised when I get hurt .

May be he really loves you.Dont get obssessed and let things go normal.