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Being lonely is being unique. The biggest challenge is how to live with it. I know we have these feelings and needs. After a while it becomes overwhelming. We want somebody to be with us for different reasons.  It seems to be in our nature to not to feel abandon.   

But if you really understand what is happening, if you know those are just feelings and you can live with them, then there is nothing - I guess that can put you down.  What I am saying  is that  instead of wasting your energy on changing your situation - Just accept it. In the beginning, it is not so easy because just understanding is not enough. Words of wisdom don't bring any relief. It can be painful and stiff. It can raise a lot of questions. 

But don't worry because  after  some time and a little bit practice, all straightens. You have to learn how to be with yourself. Of course there are good days and bad days. But nothing is so dramatic as was earlier especially when you agreed that loneliness is good.  I wish it could be different but I am OK - you will accept reality that way.  Anyways, when you are not lonely there are good and bad days. World is not a perfect place. And this might  sound selfish but there is much less  problems when you are lonely than when you are in pair/s.    

Just deal with the feelings and let them get vanished - which  they certainly will - and look on the bright side. And in the end, you will find that I am alone but not lonely. There is so much in me that you can't even imagine.

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 12 Responses May 10, 2012

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The Deepest Human Need is to over come the prision of aloneness
we at times need the company of others or we will go mad
and lose our humanity

The Deepest Human Need
is to be loved and cared for
human compassion
a simple caring touch
to be touched, to feel alive
as simple as a hug, a kiss,

The Deepest Human Need
is arms wrapped around you holding you
being held to know we matter
being accepted with out judgement
we need to know
we have a place in this world

The Deepest Human Need
is to know we have
the encouragement and support
from our loved ones
they love us for who we are
with it, all of this
we will be lost
The Deepest Human need......

Yes. I totally agree with you. I wrote this in case if you are alone and your needs can't be fulfill.

Good post. But sometimes lonely can be hard. I am so used to being by myself, and lonley. My husband works out of town so much, he is rarely here, so I am by myself alot, and yes get used to it, but sometimes you need that companionship just to feel human again, humans needs compnaionship, one of our deepest human needs.
I do accept it for sure, but some days I have a hard time with it. surrounded by so many people we know, I am stil lonely, hard to deal with at times. Even when hubby is home, he is in his own world, and yet I still feel lonely when he is home, and sad as it is glad he is gone some days, at times we do not get along. But yes I know lonely for sure.

I hear you. Again I agree. It is so tough to feel lonely even tougher if you are with your love one and still you experience it. I know well that we have good days and bad days. I know as well that there is the a possibility to be alone and not lonely. I am glad we met. Always we have EP. Thank you for your touching comments.

Indeed! Acceptance is key! If you can accept whatever your situation is, then (I think), you're on the right path.

Well said.

there is a huge difference in being loney and being alone. I have been both. and even been lonley while lying next to another person. There is contentment and peace when you come to a place of understanding with yourself. And realize that happiness can be had alone but not when you are lonely.

I hope we can share happiness between each other.

my heart is held deep within the hands of one i call My Love. But i have those i call Friend. Time will tell if you become one of those dear to me.

I am glad you have your Love one. Let time start walking.

I like that!

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I like time alone

I like too but not to long. I hope you too.

This is so true, it sounds so deep, but yet its not, its just learn to live with yourself and you then in turn find the love within, and every one has it, its just we never look, never give ourselves time. Thank you so much for in sight xx

I am sure you can find plenty of time for love.

I really like this, very good and very true!

Hi, thanks for your message. I tried to write you back, but I was not allowed to do that because of the privacy restriction you have set. I can only write here.

Hay I will try to contact you.

I see being alone and loneliness as two different things. I can enjoy being alone, when that is what I want. I cannot, and have never enjoyed loneliness. It is a soul destroying pain. However, you have found a way to cope, and that is all we can hope for, until, and if, the loneliness is relieved by whatever each one of us is looking for. <br />
I agree, it is feelings you have to live with, and you should never deny those feelings. Embrace them and feel the pain. Acknowledge all feelings, and feel, even though they hurt terribly. But, it is the only way to healing, although, I believe that we only find temporary relief. It is not until, we have that special someone fill our lives with their love that the loneliness is cured, and the previous pain just melts away as though it were never there. That is the power and the mystery of love. It soothes an aching heart like nothing else.

Agree. It was very thoughtful.

i agree with 100% on loneliness...i dont understand why people get so unsettled when they are with themselves. Its so peaceful and freeing. Nowdays with all the drama about doing something with your life you never get to spend time alone with yourself and just chill. And when you have bad days when you need someone to be with you , you just have to remember that in loneliness there are many others out there feeling the same.

Nicely said.

It is wonderful to be alone, if that is what one desires. I often desire this myself, but to say you do not understand why people get so unsettled by loneliness, just means that you do not understand the pain of loneliness. It is like dying inside. We are all at different stages in life, and we all have different needs. I remember a time when I was younger when I never felt loneliness, but after the age of 26, I go to know it very well. And yes, knowing you are not the only one who is lonely is good to know, but it does not take away the loneliness. Each person has to feel that pain alone. It is a damn terrible soul destroying pain, and when it goes on and on for years, it's like you are slowly dying inside.
So please don't make light of it. You have to know how it feels, and walk in someone else's shoes to understand. I hope you never have to feel it.

All of us feel pain of loneliness I guess and I understand that each of as can experience this differently.

very relieving. but sometimes I feel like I'd waste my life and deprive myself from good and enjoyable experiences if I keep being lonely

I wish you as much good and enjoyable experiences as possible. Just in case if you do't succeed do't forget about me

Very wise and very true.<br />
You are a gentleman.

Thank you. You brought light to my house.